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At high temperature the strength decrease.

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If the two metals copper and zinc are heated then what happens?

when copper and zinc are heated, they create brass :)

What happens to a heated metals density?

The density will decrease because the heated metal contracts and its particles slow down.

What happens when metals are heated with oxygen?

The oxygen oxidizes the metal, forming a metal oxide.

Do metals contract when heated?

They expand ------- No, normally metals expand when heated.

What happens to Dielectric strength when heated?

it decreases in strength in meany ways for different materials for exsample, with gases if there is an increase in humidity, then it decreases the dielectric strength

What happens to bimetallic strip when it is heated and cooled?

The two metals have different expansion rates when the strip is heated. This means that one of the metals will expand more than the other, causing the strip to bend.

Do any metals contract when heated?

No, metals always expand when heated and contract only when cooled.

Does metal shrink if heated?

Most metals swell when heated

What happens to the particles in a gas when heated?

They move faster and collide more often and with more strength, increasing pressure.

What metals become plasmas when heated?

all of them, and not only the metals, all elements will become plasmas if heated enough.

What metals do heat?

All metals can be heated, as can all nonmetals.

What do Metals and other substances do when heated?

materials usually expand when heated.

What happens when CaCO3 and CuSO4 are heated?

all metal carbonates give their oxides & CO2 except alkali metals (K,Na).

Why do metals do not catch fire when heated whereas paper ignites on heating?

Why do metals do not catch fire when heated whereas paper ignites on heating

When platinum is heated what happened?

When heated enough it melts, like all the other metals

What are 3 advantages of metals?

Strength, Endurance, and with some metals: Flexibility

What happens to iodine when heated?

Iodine will sublime when heated.

What happens when matter is heated?

when matter is heated it will expand..

What happens to matter when heated?

When matter is heated it will expand

When matter is heated what happens?

matter expands when heated

Does mass in metals change when heated?

the answer is on the book of physics :)

Why does a bimetellic strip bend when heated?

A bimetallic strip is made of two different metals. When heated metals expand. Since in a bimetallic strip there are two different metals they will expand different amounts. This causes the bend in the strip.

Can metals bend?

Yes, many metals can bend, even without being heated (eg. Copper). These are called malleable metals.

What happens when metals are heated?

they melt into liquid. The particles will start to get really warm and then vibrate and if they get heated for so long the metal will change state and become a liquid. The molecules (small particles) expand so the metal also expand.

What happens to soilds when they are heated?

When solids are heated they turn into liquid

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