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The molecules of a gas move faster when heated so the pressure increases.

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What happens to the gas pressure in a sealed gallon can when heated?

Gas expands under heat so the pressure would rise when a sealed gallon can is heated.

What happens when gas is heated?

it expands and/or its pressure rises, depending on conditions.

What happens when gas is heated and cooled in a container?

Heating lead to an increase of pressure.Cooling lead to a decrease of pressure.

What happens to the pressure of a heated substance?

Generally, as a substance in a sealed container is heated, the pressure will increase. (This is especially true of gases as stated by the combined gas law)

When a gas is heated in a container of fixed volume what happens to the pressure?

In that case, the pressure increases. Specifically, the pressure will be proportional to the absolute temperature.

What happens when a gas is heated beyond 100 degrees?

Heating will cause the gas to expand; or, if the container does not permit expansion, for the pressure of the gas to increase. Other changes to the gas depend on which gas is being heated.

Why the pressure of a gas increases if the gas is heated?

The pressure of a gas increases because the volume of the gas increases when it is heated (Boyle's Law)

What happens to the speed of gas particles when heated?

The speed of the gas particles will increase as they are heated. That is why the pressure in a container increases. The particles are hitting the walls of the container with more force as they are heated.

What happens to a gas heated in cylinder?

the gas expands and exerts more pressure on the sides of the cylinder. Basically, the pressure goes up due to a temperature increase.

If the balloon is heated what happens to the pressure of the air inside if the volume is constant?

Gas expands with heat to the pressure inside the balloon will increase

What happens to nitrogen liquid when heated?

There will be a high pressure explosion...within the evaporated gas from the liquid and the heat..

What happens to the pressure of a gas when it is heated and why?

When heated the molecules are moving faster, so they bump more often against the container wall (or against each other) and that's just what pressure is!

What is a gas that expands when heated?

Any gas will expand when heated, assuming you keep pressure constant.

What happens to the particles in a gas when heated?

They move faster and collide more often and with more strength, increasing pressure.

What happens to an aerosol can after the can is heated?

The liquid inside a can becomes gas when a can is heated.

What happens the air when it is heated by the sun?

Like any other gas, air expands when it is heated. As the heat rises and the air spreads out, pressure decreases. this because pressure is the amount of force exerted on a specific area. Therefore, as gas spreads, it pushes less and over a larger area. so.... when heated by the sun, air pressure would technically decrease

How does gas affected when air is heated?

If the question is "How IS gas affected when it is heated":When gas is heated, it's volume increases (it expands).If the gas is contained within a chamber, the pressure will increase instead.

What happens to pressure if volume remains the same and temperature goes up?

Regarding only gases for the moment ... If the gas is heated while its volume remains constant, then its pressure increases.

What happens when a sealed metal container that is holding a gas is heated?

The gas molecules receive energy and start to vibrate. The pressure within the container increases. The container could explode.

Describe what happens to gas molecules when air is heated?

when gas molecules are heated they move upward since heat is less dense

What happens to noble gases when heated?

When a noble gas is heated, its molecules move faster (this is the same as saying that the gas heats up).

What happens to the molecules of a gas when it is heated?

when molocules are heated up they start to move faster and faster and the gas spreads around the room

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