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the pressure decreases

the pressure increases

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Q: What happens to the pressure of the earth as depth below the surface increases?
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What happens to temperature as depth below earth surface increases?

It increases up to a certain point.

Does pressure and temperature increase or decrease with depth below earths surface?

it increases

Where the pressure is greater 10m above the surface of the sea 20m below the surface of the sea?

Pressure increases the deeper you sink beneath the surface of the sea. So 20 metres below the surface has more pressure than 10 metres above the surface.

What affects water pressure?

For any body of water near sea level, the pressure increases by 1 ATM per 33 feet below the surface.

What increases the pressure of a gas below?


What is the pressure at the 500 m below the seawater surface?

Every 10 meters you go down, the pressure increases by about 1 bar. You must also consider the air pressure, which is about 1 bar. You can base your calculations on that.

Where is the pressure greater . in 10 m below the surface of the sea or 20 m below the surface of the sea?

The greater the depth the greater the pressure.

How and why do temperature and pressure vary with ocean depth?

At sea level,the pressure of the atmosphere pushing down on the ocean surface is reffered to as 1 atmosphere of pressure.An atmosphere is the pressure exerted on a surface at sea level by the column of air above it.As you go below the oceans surface ,the pressure increases because of the force of the water molecules pushing down.

When does a volcano happen?

A volcano happens whenever the pressure of the melted rocks below the earth becomes great enough to break through the surface.

In general as elevation increases from the ground up what happens to atmospheric pressure?

Pressure decreases. This is because atmospheric pressure is a measure of the weight of the atmosphere weighing down. If you are high in the atmosphere, much of the atmosphere is below you so the pressure from above will be very small.

How does temperature change with depth below earths surface?

temperature increases with depth