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During the phase change the temperature remains constant.

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What happens to a solid when it is heated at its melting point?

When a solid is heated at it's melting point it turns into a liquid

What happens when a solid is heated and it's temperature rises without melting?

It heats up, until it reaches the melting point or sublimation point of the solid.

When the temperature of a solid reaches it's melting point?

When the solid is heated up to the melting point. Each material has a specific melting point.

Describe what happens when a solid is heated to its melting point?

The intermolecular forces of attraction in the solid decreases as it is heated and the solid melts (solid converts to liquid) at its melting point.

What happens when the temperature stays the same in a melting curve?

During melting the temperature remain constant if it was achieved the melting point.

What happens when salt is heated?

The melting point of sodium chloride is at 801 oC.

What is the difference between melting and melting point?

Melting: change of phase, from solid to liquid Melting point: the temperature that this change phase happens

Why does caramel melt?

Nearly everything has a melting point, and caramels melting point happens to be below the temperature of our mouths.

What happens to the melting point of the solid when heated?

force of vibration over come the binding

What is the science behind melting chocolate?

The science behind the melting chocolate is temperature change. When solids are heated to their melting point, they melt to form liquids.

What happens when you heat salt and leave to cool?

Nothing provided the salt is not heated to melting point.

What is a sentence for melting point?

Hey, what is the melting point temperature?OrHouston's weather is like the melting point temperature?

Why doesnt sucrose have a boiling listed?

Sucrose will decompose (detoriate) when heated up at a temperature before it reaches melting point temperature.

What is the melting point of plastic Bakelite?

It doesn't have a melting point as it is a thermosetting plastic, meaning it can be heated but it will not melt, instead the temperature will be raised until it burns. Hope this help :D

What happens to brass when heated?

The melting point of brass is in the range 900-950 0C, depending on the composition.

The temperature at which ice changes into liquid water is called its?

Transitioning from solid to liquid is melting, and the temperature at which this happens is the melting point. Another name for the same temperature is the freezing point, which is transitioning from liquid to solid.

At what point do you reach the temperature to become a liquid?

This temperature is called the melting point.The melting point is different for each substance.

What is incipient melting point?

The incipient melting point refers to how metal is heated. It is the point just before the metal reaches its melting point.

What mineral includes melting?

I don't understand your question, but melting is when something is heated to it's melting point (melting point is the same as freezing point).

Why does the temperature become constant at the point of melting till the whole substance of a solid melted?

That happens because any heat that is added to that melting material will be used to cause further melting, until there is nothing left to melt, at which point the added heat can raise the temperature. A solid melts at its melting point; it does not get hotter than the melting point without melting, that's why it is the melting point.

Under what conditions does magma form?

Magma forms where rock is heated to a temperature above its eutectic melting point.

Can cornstarch melt when heated?

Hello there. Cornstarch has a very high melting point so when heated it will not melt... and if it does it will be at a very high temperature over quite a period of time.An example of a low melting point is Candle Wax. A medium melting point would be Sugar (very slow melt).Hope this Helps :)DK

What is the difference between melting point and melting range?

Melting point is a specific and unique temperature for a material; melting range is an interval of temperature.

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