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the chest cavity expands.

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What happens to the lungs when you inhale?

When you inhale the lungs expand.

What happens if you inhale smoke?

Ultimately, the smoke will get into your lungs.

What happens to lungs when you inhale?

Your lungs will expand and fill the now enlarged chest cavity.

What happens if you inhale glass?

It can cause very serious harm to your lungs.

What happens if air pressure inside the lungs is less than the air pressure outside the lungs?

You inhale.

What happens when you inhale carbon dioxide?

When you inhale carbon dioxide your lungs tighten and your breathing becomes a lot less fuctional.

What happens if you inhale dettol?

inhaling dettol can cause severe damage to lungs.................

What happens to the lungs when someone inhales?

its kind of like a balloon. when you inhale the air goes into your lungs so they expand

What happens when you inhale?

what happens when you inhale is that air goes into your lungs and your lungs get bigger ...Actually, your diaphragm moves to expand the volume of your thoracic cavity, which pulls a partial vacuum on your lungs, causing them to expand FIRST...and THEN the partial vacuum created by your expanded lungs causes air to move into them. When you breath out, it causes the reverse to occur.

Does your lungs expand when you inhale?

when you inhale does air flow into the lungs causing the lungs to expand or does the expanding of the lungs causes air to flow into the lungs

What happens when you inhale rubbing alcohol?

When you inhale rubbing alcohol, you become dizzy, numb, and can have altered perceptions. When you inhale, the liquid is absorbed into the lungs and it can cause severe nerve damage.

What happens to your lungs when you smoke a cigarettes?

If you inhale smoke your lungs will get dirty. Eventually, this can cause serious diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema.

What happens to people when there is air pollution?

The people inhale the air pollution, which means it is very bad for your lungs. Therefore it will damage your lungs.

When lungs inhale oxygen what does it exhale as waste?

when lungs inhale oxygen what doesit exhale as waste

What happens when you inhale stomach acid in to your lungs?

If stomach acid gets into your trachea, it will cause pain and a lot of coughing. As a result, you would usually not inhale it all the way into your lungs. If you did, the lungs would be damaged and there is a chance that you would develop pneumonia as a result.

What causes the air pressure in your lungs to decrease and makes you inhale?

When you inhale, oxygen fills your lungs. Next the oxygen diffuses out of your lungs into your bloodstream. The diffusion of oxygen from the lungs causes less pressure in your lungs signaling your brain that you need to inhale.

What happens to your chest when you inhale?

when we inhale,we lift the ribs,and the diaphragm flattens ,expanding the capacity of lungs to withhold air,thereby the chest cavity becomes larger

Why does air rush into your lungs when you inhale?

When you inhale air rushes into your lungs because when you breathe in your taking in air.

How do you inhale and exhale air?

You inhale by breathing in air and your lungs expand, you exhale by breathing out and your lungs decrease

When the diaphragm muscles contract what happens?

It lowers the pressure in the lungs, and air is brought into the lung passages. You inhale.

What happens when the diaphragm is lowered?

You exhale, when you inhale, the muscles in the ribs pull the lungs up

What contracts when you inhale?

the lungs :)

How do inhale and exhale?

with your lungs

When the lungs inhale oxygen what doesit exhale as waste?

when lungs inhale oxygen what does it exhale as waste

Why does your chest expand when you inhale?

Air is drawn into the lungs by the creation of a negative pressure within the lungs. The chest by expanding pulls in the air similarly to what happens with a bellow.