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The man sees and knows a woman he likes, he shouldn't dtae her, so she is usually a family friend. The man then tells his mother who checks to see if the girl is right, she then tells the father, and if he agrees, the parents and man visit the woman's family, talk and get along, then the woman is asked by her father if she accepts the man as her husbend, then they can start dating and get engaged in a mosque and have a huge party in a banque hall, then they move in2 a new house, and live happily ever after (yeh right!!!) :)

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Why do Muslims get married in a church?

Muslims can't get married in a church. One or both parties have to be Catholic.

How do Muslims get married?

Muslims get married through completion the obligation of Islam. But the main one is complete Nikha.

When do Muslims get married?

Whenever they feel is right for them to get married.

At what age do Muslims get married?

Muslims get married after reaching puberty. In most cases, you will find Muslim girls getting married at the age of 15 years.

Can Muslims kiss?

Only if they are married

Can Muslims get married at 19?


What happens to Muslims if they do not marry Muslims?

It is regarded as a sin. Hence, you will be a sinner

What building would Muslims get married in?

Many Muslims get married in a Mosque or Masjid, but there are also some who choose to get married at home or a hotel, or any wedding hosting venue. It depends on the couple.

How Muslims get married?

First people come to see the bride and then get engaged then ceremony called minde then get married and in the end another ceremony called wolema so that's how Muslims get married.

What happens at mina?

This is the place where Muslims rest.

What happens to Muslims that fornicate?

He enjoys himself

What happens after Muslims fast?

After Ramadan Muslims celebrate eid El-Fitr which is a reward for fasting.

Why do Muslims kiss on lips after marriage?

because they are a married couple!

Do Muslims have kids?

Of course. Muslims are humans just like any other and have children and families. There are also celibate Muslims and married Muslims without kids (either due to physical or monetary issues).

How do Muslims have babies?

Muslims have babies the same way everyone does. They must get married, per religion, before they may legally have kids.

What if you are not married and it is your birthday on harvest moon?

um nothing really happens. and if you are married nothing happens i think.

What happens in Muslims worship?

Muslims ritual worship are based on Islam five pillars. Refer to related question for more information.

What happens to non-muslams that go to mecca?

they become Muslims

What happens in Muslim naming ceremonies?

the muslims name their muslim baby

What do Muslims believe happens to believers after death?

they is another life after death

What happens when laity people get marry?

Actually, nothing happens to lay people getting married. they're just married.

What happens in the end of Shrek 1?

fiona and shrek get married

What happens to vegeta and bulma?

they get married.

How can Muslims marry for the second time?

Muslims marry for the second time as they married for the first and as anyone of any other religion marries for the second time. No difference.

Are dramendra and hema malini still a Muslim?

Yes, they are still Muslims. They fell in love during the shooting of Sholey. They married and converted to Muslims.