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PTFE (Teflon) rubbing on PTFE will create a bit of friction, depending on the load. And it will create heat. Remember that PTFE is pretty "slippery" and will not abrade too quickly unless a gross amount of force is applied.

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What happens after plate tectonics rub against each other?

An earthquake!!

What happens when two fronts push against each other?

a tornado

What happens when plates slide against each other?

You get vibrations or an earthquake

What happens when tectonic plates slide against each other?


What happens when two objects are charged by rubbing against each other?

The attract

What happens when plates suddenly lurch against each other?

Earth quake.

What happens when two tectonic plates oush against each other?

it would brake

What happens when 2 plates rub against each other?

it creates the potential for earthquakes!!

What happens when two land plates push against each other?

Islands form

What happens when plates slip past each other at transform boundaries?

When plates rub against each other in any direction, it causes an earthquake.

What happens to earth when earthquakes happen?

plate rub against each other to cause an earthquakes

What happens when tetctonic plates push against each other?

they make mountains, like the Himalayas.

When does wave deposition happen?

deposition happens when some gases in the atmosphere react against each other!

What would happen if two plates rubbed back and forth against each other?

an earthquake happens

What happens when 2 objects rub against each other?

They create friction, which can cause things to shock you.

Were the uper and lower Canada rebellion against or with each other?

They were against each other

What happens when two solid surfaces rub against each other?

They create friction, which energy transforms into heat.

What happens at plate boundaries?

Three different things occur at plate boundaries. At divergent plate boundaries, the tectonic plates pull apart from each other. At convergent plate boundaries, the plates push against each other. At transform boundaries, the plates slide or rub against each other.

Why is the Olympics so special?

Because it happens every 4 years and every country competes against each other.

What happens when two tectonic plates rub together?

When plates move and shift against each other, they cause earthquakes.

What happens when a flame heats a metal?

Metal molecules start oscillating faster against each other by increased amplitude.

Why did the eartquake in japan happen?

The same reason any earthquake happens, tectonic plates shifted against each other.

What happens immediately when two ice cubes are rub against each other?

that cant happen they slid of your hands and if you can do that they melt

Who fought against each other in the south African revolution?

the blacks and whites fought against each other

What happens on a transform plate boundary?

it is when there is a fault which is when two plates rub up against each other like the california fault