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a webkinz pet does not die,your account will, end but that means you only need to get another one and put it on the account

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What happens at the end of the movie Grave of the Fireflies?

the little girl dies.

What happens to Count Olaf in the end of the series?

He dies but the children go and visit his grave.

What happens when a roman slave dies?

He is buried in a shallow grave or large pit with other slaves then is replaced.

What happens if a chicken eats something its not supposed to?

it dies

What happens when your sim dies?

it will show like this little grave thing that says r.i.p it may start you over or not

What sort of fool tells homosexuals that they are going to heaven?

The same fool that claims to know what happens when anyone dies. No one knows what happens beyond the grave.

What happens when a Buddhist dies?

If you are a bhuddist: The person is reborn in to a new being, through the skandhas Else: The body gives up and he dies, whereafter the body either is burned or will slowly rot in a grave.

Where is Nina's grave in harvest moon ds?

When Nina dies, she has no grave. It's pretty sad.

When can you get a pet after your pet dies?

It is impossible for a Webkinz pet to die.

What happens to sperm when it dies?

Nothing happens to sperm when it dies.

What happens if you put nail polish on a tick?

hmmm.... it dies! that's what i am guessing.or something else.

What happens when a bee dies?

It dies.

What happens when a bee stings a person?

it dies it dies it dies

What is a 5 letter word that Mercutio makes a pun of as he dies?

The word is grave. After having been stab by Tybalt, Mercutio dies. His last words are..."Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man...."

How do you kill your webkinz?

You can't kill Webkinz. It's a mean rumor. No one can kill Webkinz, not you or Ms. Birdy or Dr. Quack. Your account can expire if you don't adopt a Webkinz each year, but then you just can't access everything, and nothing dies.

What is the meaning of the song she's like the swallow?

she like the swallow (bird) eventually she dies and her grave is like stoney pillow (her head where her grave is)

What happens to sodium when a muscle contracts in cold temperatures?

well it dies and then it smells like something that's dead

Explain what make the story's closing sentences ironic.?

When someone dies, or something you didn't expect to happen happens.

What happens to Voldemort when he dies?

He dies, he stops living.

What happens when an organism dies?

It dissolves almost like. When something dies everything tends to completely vanish due to the fact that the body may rot or become bone matter.

What happens when a tiger dies?

tiger never dies it die

What happens to the puppy when the mother dog dies?

it usualy dies

When a Goldfish dies in one's pond what happens to the body?

It breaks down into its natural bits and pieces. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Nature looks after the cleanup job when something dies.

What happens to Konohamaru after Asuma dies?

nothing happens

In runescape if you die do you lose your full void if you get to grave?

The grave in RuneScape serves as a safety net. So when the a players character dies they can return to their grave and reclaim all their armor meaning full void will be intact.