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When a fluid is put under pressure, the volume decreases and the temperature may rise a tiny bit because the particles are compressed.

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What happens when limestone is heated and put under pressure?

It could recrystallize and form marble, under specific conditions of heat and pressure.

What happens to granite if you put it under heat and pressure?

With With enough heat and pressure, granite will become gneiss so long as it is not hot enough to melt the granite.

What happens if you put sugar in brake fluid?

You get brake fluid that will cause tooth decay

What happens when pressure is put on sides of a plate?

When pressure is put on the sides of a plate, an earthquake might form!

What happens if I increase the pressure to solid water?

If you put pressure on ice it will melt.

What happens when there is no transmission fluid?

The car will not move when you put it in gear.

What happens when you put a less dense fluid in with a more dense fluid?

The less dense fluid will float on top on the more dense fluid.

What is the duration of Put 'Em Under Pressure TV series?

The duration of Put 'Em Under Pressure - TV series - is 1800.0 seconds.

Is an above ground storage tank holding class 3 combustible waste fluid a pressure vessel?

I guess it depends on whether it's sealed or not.If it's open to the atmosphere how can it be under pressure ?If it's sealed it could be put under (positive or negative) pressure so would be, by definition, a pressure vessel IMHO.

Where put transmission fluid in 1984 Toyota truck?

If your Toyota has a manual transmission, the fluid will be put in by removing the gearshift, and literally pouring the fluid into the cavity under the shifter.

What happens if you put brake fluid in power steering fluid?

If you only put a very small amount then it will do no harm. If your put more than a small amount it will destroy the pump.

What happens to a rock when it is put under pressure andbecomes very hot?

It makes Gneiss and that is metamorphic. It can also make many other metamorphic rocks.

When was Put 'Em Under Pressure - TV series - created?

Put 'Em Under Pressure - TV series - was created on 2011-09-18.

What happen to the temperature of water when it absorb heat without boiling?

nothing happens to the temperature,but if you put the water under pressure the boiling point will greatly increase

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