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That means he is an unlicensed general contractor. He has not set up a bond or registered with the state licensing board. Complaints in your state would not be readily available.

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Q: What happens when a general contractor is not a general contractor in your state?
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What are the requirements to become a general contractor in NC?

There are several requirements needed to become a general contractor in the state of North Carolina. A few of the requirements are 3 references, a financial statement, and a completed application for the general contractor license.

What type of license does a general contractor need?

Normally a general contractor just needs a state license. Depending on what he does he may need additional licenses.

What do you have to apply for to install a pool?

A General Contractor's License: check with your state of residence.

Can a roof be fixed by a general contractor?

If he can't he shouldn't be a general contractor

Can general contractor training be done online?

Contracting laws vary from each individual state. So it may be possible to do general contractor training online but it is dependent upon each states laws.

What happens when the contractor starts thereting the homeowner that they are going to sell the homeowners personal property that the contractor put in storage?

When the general contractor makes a threat to a homeowner, about selling all the homeowners personal property, that the contractors have in storage. And the contractor has not finished the repairs on the homeowner's house. Can the contractor sell their property?

Is a person a subcontractor if the general contractor makes the price?

Anyone who does work for a general contractor and is not a direct employee of that contractor is a sub-contractor. Regardless of who sets the price. The subcontractors work within the contract set between the general contractor and homeowner. Hence sub-contractor.

Who was the contractor that built the metrodome?

General Contractor Lic.

Can you lose your general contractor license or your real state license if you have foreclosure in your credit?

You will not lose your general contractor license or your real estate license if you have foreclosure on your credit report. A foreclosure or bad credit is not a disqualification for these types of licenses.

Why would a subcontractor get a general contractor license?

So they can work as a general contractor and not have to work for someone else.

What is an insured contractor?

An insured contractor is a contractor who carries a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

What is the difference between contractors and general contractor?

a general contractor is who is license with a general building license (b) and is permitted to take jobs in whole a contractor or specialty contractor are the contractor that specialized in one trade only and are permitted to take only special trades on the job for example an electrical contractor can only take electrical job