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The victim has the right to file a lawsuit for any expenses incurred that was not covered by insurance. The victim can also file a claim with their own automobile insurance for medical costs and uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage. Your best bet? Hire a lawyer. Even the most straight-forward pedestrian accident can get complicated quickly.

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Can you be liable if someone was driving your car and he hit a pedestrian walking out of a crosswalk?

It was your car so your insurance will have to pay. Never loan a car out to someone who is not on your insurance policy.

Is a person in a bicycle a pedestrian?

No. A pedestrian is someone who walks.

What happens if you rear-end someone with no insurance?

You're an a-hole. GET SOME INSURANCE!

What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving down the right shoulder of the road?

What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving fast down the shoulder of the road in Texas and they hit you?

What happens if accident is your fault?

Well Someone will sue you and the insurance will do something about it!

You hit someone walking with your car and had no insurance but now you do?

If you did not have an active policy when you hit the person then you are not covered. The pedestrian can sue you for personal injury and it will come out of your pocket.

Is a pedestrian a children's doctor?

A pediatrician is a doctor for children. A pedestrian is someone who is walking on foot.

If a spouse dies in Texas with no insurance what happens to vehicle?

Wether it has insurance or not is a moot point. The vehicle is generally part of the estate and is inherited by someone.

What happens if you hit someone who has no insurance but you caused the crash?

Your insurances pays it because you caused the crash.

What happens if someone has LIFE insurance on you and they die?

what you gonna do when i kill ur familyy and ur nan!

Will insurance cover my car damage if I loaned my car to an unlicensed and uninsured driver?

My insurance canceled uninsured person hits someone in rear what happens to me

What happens if someone hits your car with their car and you have no insurance and got hurt?

If you have no insurance you may get a ticket, but you will want a police report on the accident to claim their insurance, if they were at fault. so call the cops

What happens if you rear end someone but neither of you has insurance?

The other person can sue you because you are at fault for the accident.

What happens your car is totaled?

If you have the proper insurance or you were hit by someone you will surrender the car and the title to the insurance company and they will pay you the actual cash value of the car before it was hit.

Why do you need insurance for your car?

All cars being driven on the public roads need to have at least third party insurance to be legally on the road.Third party insurance means that if, when driving your car, you have an accident that harms someone else (hit a house, kill a cow, hit another car, or injure a pedestrian) the cost of this (repairing the house, replacing the cow, mending the other car, compensating the pedestrian) will be paid for by the insurance (unless you are very rich you would not be able to meet these costs). Thus all cars must have this insurance or if you do have an accident the people you harm will not be compensated when the accident is your fault.You can voluntarily purchase a higher level of insurance which would also compensate you for your losses/injuries if you have an accident that was your fault. This is comprehensiveinsurance.Please do not drive a car if you do not have third part insurance, apart from breaking the law, if you do harm someone then there will be no money to help them.

What happens if someone sues you because they fell on your property?

Contact your homeowner's insurance company immediately and notify them of your situation.

Is it possible to purchase love insurance?

In most parts of the world you cannot purchase love insurance. Life is one company that advertises with the slogan "Insure Your Love", but this is really just a reminder that if you love someone you will get adequate life insurance so that they are protected in the event of your death. However, in China there are some companies that now offer love insurance.

What happens when a uninsured driver hit someone?

What happens when an insured driver hits someone depends on the state you live in. In a no-fault state you present your claim to your insurance company for payment. In a tort state, you would sue the driver for compensation. If you have uninsured driver coverage, then your insurance company should cover you and/or your vehicle, up to a certain amount. You should check with your insurance company to be sure.

What kinds of things does my homeowners liability insurance cover?

When you own a home you are libl for nything that happens on your property. Homeowners liability insurance covers you in the event someone i injured on your property. Homeowner's liability insurance covers the homeowner in the event that someone gets injured while on their property. It covers medical bills and other expenses for guests if something happens to them while at your home.

What happens if the person that hits you is covered in another state?

Nothing happens if a person that hits someone in their vehicle and their insurance is covered through another state than the accident happened at. Car insurance companies will pay for damages no matter where they happen at.

How do you find out if a homeowner has liability insurance?

If it's a case like where the owners dog bit someone, they will be reluctant to reveal this information. When that happens, you best bet is to hire a private investigator who has access to the insurance industry insurance databases.

Where might someone go to find out how to ship something with shipping insurance on it and how much the insurance might cost?

If you need to have something shipped that is expensive you can purchase shipping insurance. The insurance will be offered when you mail the package and if something happens to it the postal carrier would have to pay for it.

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