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The victim has the right to file a lawsuit for any expenses incurred that was not covered by insurance. The victim can also file a claim with their own automobile insurance for medical costs and uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage. Your best bet? Hire a lawyer. Even the most straight-forward pedestrian accident can get complicated quickly.

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Q: What happens when a pedestrian is hit by someone who does not have adequate insurance?
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Can you be liable if someone was driving your car and he hit a pedestrian walking out of a crosswalk?

It was your car so your insurance will have to pay. Never loan a car out to someone who is not on your insurance policy.

What happens if you rear-end someone with no insurance?

You're an a-hole. GET SOME INSURANCE!

Is a person in a bicycle a pedestrian?

No. A pedestrian is someone who walks.

What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving down the right shoulder of the road?

What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving fast down the shoulder of the road in Texas and they hit you?

What happens if someone hits your car with no insurance but you got no fault insurance?

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What happens if accident is your fault?

Well Someone will sue you and the insurance will do something about it!

You hit someone walking with your car and had no insurance but now you do?

If you did not have an active policy when you hit the person then you are not covered. The pedestrian can sue you for personal injury and it will come out of your pocket.

Is a pedestrian a children's doctor?

A pediatrician is a doctor for children. A pedestrian is someone who is walking on foot.

What do you call someone who journeys on foot?

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If a spouse dies in Texas with no insurance what happens to vehicle?

Wether it has insurance or not is a moot point. The vehicle is generally part of the estate and is inherited by someone.

What happens if someone has LIFE insurance on you and they die?

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What happens if you hit someone who has no insurance but you caused the crash?

Your insurances pays it because you caused the crash.

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