What happens when a pregnant women takes drugs?

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Everything that you eat when you are pregnant goes into your baby's body. So do drugs. Babies that have mother's that took drugs while pregnant often have distorted faces and develop diseases like downe syndrome and autism. When a mother drinks beer a lot while pregnant, the baby comes out drunk.
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What happens when you take drugs?

you can't control your self and you do things you never wanted to do. you can't control your self and you do things you never wanted to do

What happens if you take drugs?

Upon crossing the blood-brain barrier, which occurs soon afterintroduction of the drug into the bloodstream, heroin is convertedinto morphine, which mimics the action of endorphins, creating asense of well-being; the characteristic euphoria has been describedas an "orgasm" centered in the gut. One o ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't pregnant women take over the counter drugs?


What happen to the pregnant women of the Holocaust?

They were sent to the gas chambers like most women and children that came into the camp most of the time. If they were visibly showing but if they weren't and they could hide it they were probley sent later to the gas chamber or shot.

Why shouldn't you take drugs when pregnant?

when you are pregnant, whatever goes into your body goes into your babies. almost every mother who has been on drugs while pregnant has effected their babies. go online and you can see images of babies who have been effected by drugs because their mothers took them. the babies have birth defects, od ( Full Answer )

What happens if a pregnant woman takes drugs?

Illegal drugs, and those not prescribed by your doctor could cause birth defects, or miscarriage. Drugs prescribed by your doctor may be in your best interest to take as it could outweigh the risks depending on your situation. You should not take any medications while pregnant without consulting you ( Full Answer )

Can pregnant women take tums?

I have to say yes! Tums are Calcium and you need that when you are pregnant. Taking calcium supplements are good to keep the baby's and your bones healthy. Check out http://www.tums.com/Calcium.aspx for more info.

What happens when the women is pregnant?

she has a baby that should be a no brainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i fell sorry for the person who wrote this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens to your heart if you take drugs?

This question isn't detailed enough. Taking drugs in the correct dosages help you, and can even make your heart better if that's what they are being taken for. But some drugs, if abused, can increase, or decrease your heart rate, and could either put you into cardiac arrest, or make your heart s ( Full Answer )

What happens to you when you take the drug heroin?

Ive never taken heroin but if i did id be in La La land and would nod out with drool and slobber down the front of me and id probably act like i was super mellow just like when i take a huge bong rip.

What happens when you take drugs when you are pregnant?

Lots of things may be happen after having a drug when you are pregnant. In pregnancy the usage of drugs, alcohol and narcotics may pass through plasenta to and when that occurs depending on the chemical properties of the material and the stage of the pregnancy baby may effected mild or severely. mos ( Full Answer )

Can pregnant women take Tylenol?

yes! It even is the Only painkiller that is ok for pregnant woman to use, if you are not exceeding the dosage limits. If you are in pain for 3 days or more, contact medical help immediately! This advise was given to me (pregnant) by the ER Nurses that treated me @ the hospital and a separate doctor. ( Full Answer )

Can a pregnant women take xanax?

No NOO ------------------------------------------- Actually, it depends on your personal circumstances. Severe anxiety/panic issues can put you at risk for pre-term labor, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, and other serious problems that can affect the health of your unborn child. It's a matter of we ( Full Answer )

What happens to a women that is pregnant and she has anemia?

She finds it difficult to muster up enough energy to perform normal daily tasks let alone supply the baby with all the nutrition. Iron supplements will help a bit, but the best thing to do is rehabilitate the ability of your blood to carry oxygen. This means; 1) cutting out pollution of any kind ( Full Answer )

Do they drug test pregnant women?

yes I'm pregnant and they are testing me it doesn't make a difference because if a dipstick comes up positive on something an you know its wrong then you just ask them to send it to a lab because your pregnant and your hormones could be affecting the test

What happens when pregnant women smoke?

When a pregnant woman smokes, the trace amounts of CO that sheinhales means less oxygen will be delivered to her baby. The nicotine and other compounds found in tobacco pose both animmediate and an extended threat to the health of her developingchild. These dangers include: Increased risk of misca ( Full Answer )

Can you turn in a drug addicted pregnant women?

Absolutely. In fact, if you care about the well being of the baby, I hope you do. In this situation, it might be best to ask the pregnant woman if she has considered abortion. The last thing this world - and the baby itself - needs is another absentee/drug addict parent to raise a future criminal ( Full Answer )

What medicine can pregnant women take?

You can take tylenol, that is all and for amount you can take consult you physician, no gravol unless doctor okays it, no allergy or cold/flu pills/med, check with physician for asthma medication.

What are the effects of malaria drugs on pregnant women?

You can use several meds against malaria when you are pregnant. Consult your doctor which ones. In general pregnant women are advised not to go to areas where there's malaria since they run a higher risk to get it more severe. So if you have to go taking the meds is safer then if you would actually ( Full Answer )

What can happen if you do drugs and you might be pregnant?

Answer . It can cause birth defects. I don't know whether you mean prescription or illegal drugs, but you should go see your doctor ASAP to find out. Even prescription drugs can harm an unborn child - and badly. Doctor. Go. Answer . Well, different drugs cause different problems, but pretty much ( Full Answer )

Why pregnant women should not take drugs?

Anything that Mom takes, the baby gets part of. Unlike the Mother, the baby is not yet in any position to handle many chemicals as it's brain is still developing, as is the immune system and digestive system. Drugs will be handled VERY differently by the child.

Can men take women hormone drugs?

Only under doctor's supervision since there are side effects. This is usually done when a man transforms into a woman.

What happens to a pregnant women for her to have twins?

Twins can be identical or fraternal (monozygotic or dizygotic). For identical twins, one sperm fertilizes an egg. The zygote divides into two identical embryos. For fraternal twins, two separate eggs are fertilized. They both implant on the uterine wall, forming two zygotes.

Can pregnant women take methadone?

Pregnant women should not take methadone because it does have the same effects on the body as any other opiate. The only type of opiate medication that doctors say is safe to take while pregnant is hydrocodone, but hydrocodone shows up in a drug test and methadone does not.

What happens legally if you take drugs?

If you take illegal drugs and are caught, you will be subject to trial for possession of a narcotic. If you take drugs that you were prescribed to take, nothing happens.

What will happen to you if you take to many drugs?

You will die from an overdose. The drugs will infect your system and damage your body eventually killing you. if you get to a hospital quickly enough the can treat you and get all of the toxins flushed out of your body. BUT JUST DON'T TAKE DRUGS IN THE FIRST PLACE

What happens if you take the drug nicotine?

Nicotine can reduce the blood flow to your hands and feet, Increase your heat reate and blood pressure(which leads to increased risk of heart attacks). It is also very addictive and is found in ciggarettes. It is addictive because the drug's shape resembles the shapes of the chemical that is made by ( Full Answer )

What can pregnant women take for migraines?

If you are pregnant, do not take any medications, over the counter preparations, supplements or herbal preparations without talking to your doctor first about your specific situation and health history. Even peppermint oil, which can be effective for those who are not pregnant, can be very dangerous ( Full Answer )

Why is it not ok to take drugs when you are pregnant?

It depends on what type of drugs your talking about..any kind of narcotic drug..then it's absolutely not okay. Even some drugs that doctors prescribe, aren't good for the baby. Cigarette smoking can also produce health problems for the baby along with physical defects.

How do antipsychotic drugs affect pregnant women?

Antipsychotic drugs are pregnancy category C. (Clozapine is category B.) The drugs in this class appear to be generally safe for occasional use at low doses during pregnancy, but should be avoided near time of delivery.

What will happen to your lungs when you take drugs?

It depends on which drugs you take. Anything you inhale can physically damage your lungs. Smoke from marijuana or crack can burn the lining of your lungs and leave deposits that make it difficult for oxygen to be absorbed. Inhalants can also cause scarring and make it difficult for the lungs to work ( Full Answer )

Can a pregnant women take azithromycin?

Never take antibiotics on your own, always get it prescribed by a doctor. Pregnant women can take antibiotics but it's preferred that you don't but if the condition is worse then any effect the antibiotics could possibly have on a fetus you sometimes have to. What effect it has on a fetus is not rea ( Full Answer )

What is the use of Gynaecosid drug on pregnant women?

There is no use for Gynaecosid on pregnant women. It's used to help get your period back when you have Amenorrhea (=period gone for other reasons than pregnancy). It is not used for abortion.

Can pregnant women take Maalox?

Maalox have several different products so I don't know which one you mean but they can also interact with medication you are already on so better ask your doctor.

Can pregnant women take kratom?

No, not at all. It is not safe for those that are not pregnanteither. It is illegal in a few countries, as well as several USstates. It can cause seizures, violent vomiting, hallucinations,aggression, and many other side effects.

Can a pregnant women take zolpidem?

Yes, pregnant women can take Zolpidem when directed and controlled by a physician. This drug is found to cause some preterm births depending on the quantity taken and its duration.

What can a pregnant women take for migraines?

Migraines pose a difficult situation in pregnant women, because everything with the potential to help mom has a potential to also affect the fetus. Because each situation is very different from another, including medical history, additional medications/vitamins/supplements as well as the gestational ( Full Answer )

Can a pregnant women take umka?

If you are pregnant, yes you can take Umka. However, the bottle says the get advice from your current medical provider before doing so. It is highly recommended that you do so, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Can pregnant women take cyclopam?

Cyclopam is in a drug category called anti spasmodic. Thismedication is not recommended for use in pregnant women since itcan harm the developing fetus.