What happens when a stone spider bites you?

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I was bitten by a stone spider 2 weeks ago. It felt as though i was being stung. The sting was painful perhaps 4 on a scale 1-10. Three bites in a row beofre I managed to brush it off. Then nothing until that evening (around 7 hours later) - hugely itchy - like veyr bad mosqituo itching. Around 7 on a scale. hree days of itch. Now left with red weals (around 2 cm sqare) with raised bit mark off centre in each. No longer itchy. Looks as though they may scar or leave residual mark - they are pronounced. The spider got trapped around my knee under trousers while walking on coastal path in Cornwall.
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What do you do for spider bites?

Answer . vary depending upon the type of spider doing the biting. Some are serious and require medical attention, while others are harmless. When it doubt, get checked out.. Answer . There are some certain types of spiders such as black widow, brown recluse, tarantulas and those type of spiders ( Full Answer )

What is a stone spider?

A Stone Spider is a species of spider under the genus of Drassodes. Its scientific name is Drassodes lapidosus. The Stone Spider is found in Europe, North Africa and much of Asia and Japan. It is a nocturnal hunter that spends the day light hours in a silken retreat built under loose bark, gravel ( Full Answer )

Does a spider bite?

Yes a spider does bite and be careful because some spiders can kill you even the first time they bite you.

What to do when you get a spider bite?

Well if I got a spider bite from not a poisonous spider i would put alcohol on it or apple cider vinegar. If it was a poisonous spider then I would say go to the doctor for some prescription medicine or cream and your bite needs lots of prayer.

What happens if a black spider bites you?

I was bitten by a black widow spider several years ago, when I was on a camping trip. It bit me on the neck. The spider was killed and taken (along with me0 to the ranger station. Where the spider was identified ans I was taken to the nearest hospital. My neck swelled up and I had flu like symptoms ( Full Answer )

Untreated spider bites?

It depends on the type of spider. A bite from a black widow or recluse spider - of course - would be much more harmful than a common gray house spider. In any case, any kind of spider bite can be nasty. Try to identify what type of spider it might have been, and keep a close eye on the wound. Wash i ( Full Answer )

Do barn spiders bite?

I heard that they are aggressive toward each other but not humans. I have not been bitten by one either and there are tons of them in our car port.

How do I tell what kind of spider bite i have?

The only way to tell for certain is to trap the spider and show it to someone who knows their arachnidae . You can't tell by the bite mark or the toxins (although in extreme cases you may be able to guess).. That said, if you don't have the animal, you can still treat the injury. See related sites ( Full Answer )

Treatment for spider bite?

Determine the type of spider. Call 911 if it is poisonous. Place the bitten area BELOW the heart to slow the blood movement coming from the area. Remove restricting clothing as swelling may occur. DO NOT attempt to suck out the venom.

What happens if a Violent Spider bites you?

You will have pain and swelling around the area of the bite, and should seek medical care in case you need antibiotics. Untreated bites may lead to blood poisoning.

What happens when spiders bite you?

All spiders have at least some venom in their bite. If you get a bite, you will usually see a small pimple like bump on your skin. There is no reason to be alarmed unless you start feeling dizzy, sick to stomach, throat closing, severe pain at the bite that radiates to another part of your body. If ( Full Answer )

What happens if a white tail spider bites your kitten?

If a white tip spider bit you, then you would go to the emergency room. That is the same for kittens, cats, puppies and dogs. They should go to the vets. There is a chance they have been poisoned and need to be treated.

What happens if a radioactive spider bites you?

Assuming the spider didnt die himself from it, its most likely radiation poison that will probably give you cancer or kill you pretty quickly. Although there are stories of a boy been bitten by one and gaining superhuman powers but that's a one in a million chance

What can you do for a spider bite?

I had a spider bite last summer. Although I cleaned it thoroughly, it got very ugly looking. It was at the base of my index finger in the web...I likely gripped a handle and the spider was underneath. The next day, it swelled and looked like several blisters, but they were hard. I went to the docto ( Full Answer )

Why did the spider bite Spider-Man?

Even though the spider had been altered by a gamma source of some sort, it was still a spider. It was pure instinct. I must have felt threatened for some reason.

What happens if a green spider bites you?

You turn in to Spider man. Soon you could climb walls, make webs come out of your hands by doing the I love you sign, and you get to wear tights

Can pigs die from spider bites?

The Brown Recluse Spider has the strongest venom. It can cause significant cutaneous injury with tissue loss and necrosis. When you see a dark solid spot on the skin like it is very dry, you are problably looking at an necrosis. Its a very bad thing. It will not kill your pig but it will turn bad fo ( Full Answer )

What happiness if you get bite from a spider?

I must say that this is the first time I've ever heard anybody who was happy to be bitten by a spider. For most people, it is not that good of an experience.

Do grass spiders bite?

yes i got bit by one today but they are not venomous or deadly just clean the sore and it should be ok

Are spider bites harmful to humans?

Spiders don't bite... they just crawl up your legs. Well that's in England anyway. Some are quite deadly animals though. Like ones in America they could be quite dangerous. :)

Can US native spiders bite?

Yes, there are some spiders in the Southern USA that will bite people. The Brown Recluse spider is probably the best known for its venom. It won't actually attack people, but it will get into your house and hide in places you don't expect, like shoes and showers, and when threatened will bite. Altho ( Full Answer )

How do I treat my spider bite?

It really depends on what kind of a spider has bitten you. If you can capture the spider that bit you, or kill the spider without damaging its body, your doctor can check what kind it is. In the United States, only the Black Widow spiders can kill human beings, and then usually only children or i ( Full Answer )

Do scorpion spiders bite?

Yes scorpions do bite and the bites sting you but spiders as far as i know normally don't but poisonous ones of course do Thanks Gaurang

How are spider bites diagnosed?

Because bites from widow spiders and brown spiders require different treatments, capturing and identifying the spider helps to establish diagnosis.

How should spider bites be treated?

No spider bite should be ignored. The antidote for severe widow spider bites is a substance called antivenin, which contains antibodies taken from the blood serum of horses injected with spider venom. Doctors exercise caution.

What happens if a spider bite doesn't go away?

It really depends on what spider bit you. If it is a poisonous spider, get it checked out immedietly, however if it is just a normal spider that has bit you, but the bite hasn't gone away after a week or so, I recommend getting it checked out by a doctor just to make sure it hasn't got infected beca ( Full Answer )

Should you cover a spider bite?

No, unless it is bleeding. The only reason you cover a wound is to keep it from getting infected, and it's not going to get infected if the skin isn't punctured completely, which would result in bleeding.

Do parsons spiders bite?

Yes, they bite. Some people may have allergic reactions to their bite. Most bites from the spider occur at night, or when its trapped in clothing....

Do you put peroxide on a spider bite?

You can. Peroxide is probably not going to help a whole lot with the "spider bite" part, but it could help keep the wound from becoming infected.

What happens if a parsons spider bites you?

it depends on the person. they are a non-toxic spider, but some people (including myself) experience localized swelling, sometimes causing the skin to break open because of an allergic reaction. others may experience nausea, or dizziness.

Are dogs affected by spider bites?

no it will just come up with a bite in comparison to us humans it will be a insect bite. but obviously if it was a venomous spider it would probably kill it

Can you see A photo of spider bites?

Can I see a photo of spider bites? Well, I have perfectly good eyes, I could see the photo if you showed me one. Was that your question??

What would happen if you pop ped a spider bite?

Well, according to a study conducted by Columbia University scientists in 1956, popping a spider bite opens your epidermis to all the germs, bacteria, and magical dust in the air surrounding you. If you live in a sterile bubble, you will probably be alright--although patients who were treated orally ( Full Answer )

How do you handle a spider bite?

firstly, you need to act quickly as the poison from the spider will eventully get into your blood and cause an infection/posion your blood which is called celulitis. To prevent this from happening you need to get an ice packet or frozens peas and wrap them in a tea towl and place it on the bite so i ( Full Answer )

Do spider bites cause swelling?

Spider bites generally cause massave uncontrolable erections. the only way to make the boner go away is to punch your penis.

What would happen to a person that got bite by a spider?

IF it's not poisonous and the person is not allergic to it, absolutely nothing besides leaving a bite mark. If not sure about poison, I suggest you google the suspicious aspects, like bright colors, fuzzy skin, and patterns. Good luck!

Does a spider have a poisonous bite?

Yes, spiders do have venom; different species vary tremendously in the toxicity of that venom. Spiders eat mainly insects and most are not dangerous to people, but there are a few species whose bite is dangerous to people.

Does spider bite piercing hurt?

"do spider bites hurt"well it all depends on the person.how much pain they can actually take nd if u really look good with them.it would really just feel lke an ant bite or a small nutthing more.so if u do want a spider bite or snake bite think of how much pain u can take nd if ur going to keep up w ( Full Answer )

Why do spider bites feel hot?

Because if you just got bitten, some spiders have venom and it may sting unexpectedly.

Can spider bites spread?

A spider bite will remain in one area on the body, for instance the right leg. However, the size of the bite can expand dramatically depending upon the species of spider that made the bite. Some spiders have toxins or venoms in their bite that can become systemic - this would be a medical emergency ( Full Answer )

What is the pain of a huntsman spiders bite?

Having been bitten, it is pretty painful. If you allergic to bees/wasps, I recommend you don't try to handle spiders as the chances are you're allergic to them too.

Can toothpaste help a spider bite?

funny you ask, yes it does help. got some on four on my arm rightnow... but yes it helps, and it burns for a little, but it's notthat bad. they'll go away faster