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Vampires do not exist so I don't know.

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Q: What happens when a wolf bites a vampire?
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What if a zombie bites a vampire?

what happens is you get a hybrid zombie vampire its fast and strong so RUN LIKE HELL

What happens when a vampire bites a vampire?

They crack like china and whatever part of the body the other bites it will fall off to dispose of a dead vampire you need to set the body on fire (See Twilight Saga)

What happens if your friends a werewolf and she bites you?

werewolf dies as vampire's venom acts like a poison in their bodies unlike a human's body

What happens when a vampire bites a dog?

Then the dog Will turn Into a VampDog. that's a Bit logical right?

If vampire bites human then what happen?

when a vampire bites a human the human can turn into a vampire or the vampire can drink all of the humans blood and kill them

What happens if a vampire bites you More than once?

Since they are imaginary creatures, whater you can imagine to happen.

How do you becme a vampire?

If another vampire bites you, you become a vampire

How can you protect yourself from a vampire and why does that method work?

wear vervain a small purple flower or put the pollen in food or something to drink wolfs bane for werewolf it is the one thing vampires and were wolves are allergic to so it works the same as an allergic reaction would touch it it burns your skin (for vampire not human same for were wolf) drink someones blood who drank/ate it and you become rabid and foam at the mouth that what happens to a vampire or were wolf it bites you

Is it safe to get vampire bites piercing?

Piercing Yes, Vampire Bites are not so safe. Depends on where they bite you...

Is there a cure for vampire bites?

no no

What happens in the second season of vampire knight?

Yuki is kanames sister and her vampire powers have been locked inside her so Yuuki is a pure blood vampire so kaname bites her and feeds her his blood

Who will win wolf or vampire?