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It depends on what is in the eye drops.

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Q: What happens when cats ingest eye drops?
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Where to buy eye drops for cats?

Petco, petsmart, VetRxDirect, and VetDepot all have eye drops availabe for cats.

What happens when you ingest eye drops?

Do not ingest eye drops, do not put eye drops in some one else's drink as a joke. It is extremely dangerous, people have been hospitalized over this and the people putting the drops in the drinks have been charged with a criminal offense. Don't leave your drink unattended in a club; people now bring Visine to clubs as a joke thinking that a few drops will simply cause diarrhea...don't do it.

Can sulfacetamide eye drops be used for cats?

Sulfacetamide Solution drops can be used for cats who have an eye infection. One to two drops every few hours is the right dosage for cats.

Are human eye drops safe for cats?

No ! The eye drops are formulated for only human eyes !

Can you use polysporin eye drops for a cat?

Polysporin eye drops can be used for a cat. It is a common antibiotic used to treat eye infections in cats.

Is pheniramine maleate toxic to cats?

Pheniramine maleate is not toxic to cats. The medication is available in eye drops, eye cream, and eye treatment products.

What happens if you put eye drops in your ear?

It is perfectly fine to put eye drops in your ear , but NEVER put ear drops in your eyes.

Cat with herpes in eyes use tobradex?

What is the best way to put eye drops in a cats eye

Are eye drops toxic for dogs to ingest?

The potential toxic effects will depend on the type of eye drops, exactly how much was ingested and how large your dog is. Rewetting drops are of no concern, because they are basically a salt water solution; prescription eye drops are potentially toxic, particularly to a small dog like a Yorkie or Chihuahua.

Can gentamicin eye drops help with herpes in the eye?

My veterinarian says that, in cats, these eye drops can help clear up the symptoms of herpes infection of the eye. I have not picked the drops up yet, so I can't give my own opionion yet.

Is it safe to put eye drops in your Siamese cats eyes?

No - see your veterinarian for professional advice .

Is it safe to put eye drops in a Siamese cats eyes?

You must check with your vet first.

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