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What happens when gas is heated?

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it expands and/or its pressure rises, depending on conditions.

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What happens to an aerosol can after the can is heated?

The liquid inside a can becomes gas when a can is heated.

What happens to the pressure of gas when it is heated and why?

The molecules of a gas move faster when heated so the pressure increases.

Describe what happens to gas molecules when air is heated?

when gas molecules are heated they move upward since heat is less dense

What happens to noble gases when heated?

When a noble gas is heated, its molecules move faster (this is the same as saying that the gas heats up).

What happens to the molecules of a gas when it is heated?

when molocules are heated up they start to move faster and faster and the gas spreads around the room

What happens if nitrogen gas is heated to 175 degrees Fahrenheit?

Whatever the kind of gas, it will always expand when heated in the same amount.

What happens to the volume if a gas is heated at constant temperature?

When a gas is heated at a constant rate, the volume will also increase at a constant rate.

What happens when liquid is heated?

When a liquid is heated it would turn into a gas which also means evaporating.

What happens to dry ice is heated?

It turns directly to a gas

How does liquid turn into a gas?

It usually happens when the liquid is heated. Then it is evaporated and turns into gas.

What happens when a gas is heated beyond 100 degrees?

Heating will cause the gas to expand; or, if the container does not permit expansion, for the pressure of the gas to increase. Other changes to the gas depend on which gas is being heated.

What happens to bromine when it's heated?

What happens to bromine gas in a sealed tube when it is cooled and later heatedAnswer:When bromine is cooled and then heated in a sealed container, the bromine juice starts evolving in a gaseous state. It then becomes a gas i.e. bromine gas which is red-brown in color

What happens to the gas pressure in a sealed gallon can when heated?

Gas expands under heat so the pressure would rise when a sealed gallon can is heated.

What happens to the entropy of gas as it is heated?

In a closed system the entropy is constant.

What happens to the speed of gas particles when heated?

The speed of the gas particles will increase as they are heated. That is why the pressure in a container increases. The particles are hitting the walls of the container with more force as they are heated.

What happens to lead oxide when heated?

Decomposed to produce PbO and oxygen gas!

What happens when particles are heated?

When a particle is heated, it gains energy and starts to vibrate more quickly. When this happens to them, they go through a state change from solid to liquid and then to gas.

What happens to the kinetic energy when gas is heated?

When the gas is heated its atoms or molecules get heated up and thus start moving in higher speed and their K.E. increases since K.E. is directly proportional to velocity. By Rahul

What happens to a gas in a sealed container when the container is heated?

The gas molecules receive kinetic energy and start to vibrate

What happens when a liquid is heated-?

When liquid becomes heated the H2O molecules gain energy and speed up and evaporates into gas.

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