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the eggs become rotten and start to dry up and die

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Why would eggs turn black while cooking?

Overcooked boiled eggs will turn black.

What happens to chicken eggs when you do not turn them?

they go rotten

Why does eggs turn black on a egg fryer?

hey engel

Why does a pot turn black on the inside when you cook eggs?

The sulfur in the eggs,use a enamel pan and you will not have that problem

What happens if you don't turn eggs in an incubator?

Eggs are turned for even temperature distribution. This aides the in forming correctly.

What happens to your lungs if you smoke?

Your lungs turn black

What happens if you overdose on nicotine?

You turn into a black man

Why do boiled eggs turn black?

They only get the black ring if you do not refresh after cooking, as soon as the eggs are boiled pour off the hot water and put the eggs under a cold running tap for a few minutes, this quickly cools the eggs and prevents the black ring.

What happens if you overheat the chocolate?

it will burn, and turn black, melt, then turn crisp, and hard

Why does egg yolk turn black?

If an egg yolk is black, it usually means there is old blood in there. It can happen to old hens who are laying eggs. The eggs should not be eaten.

Why does a fried egg turn black in an aluminum pan?

eggs are acidic. they turn green when you cook them on a aluminum pan. and the pan turns black. it is because of chemical reaction. It also may be over cooked. All eggs become black when you cook them for an extended time.

What happens if sea monkey turn black?

Ganstafied yo!

What color is a female ladybug and what color is a male ladybug?

they are the same color except when some get older they turn brownish orange.

When a ladybug is full grown what does it turn into?

The appearance stays the same.

What happens if your gum turn black?

well if you already have blackish gums it wouldn't do anything but if you have pink gums and they turn black i don't know what that is.

Why do lizards turn black?

lizards will turn black around the eyes when stressed or unhappy normally happens when you are handling it if it does i suggest you put it back in its container

What happens if you dye a pink rug black?

I would suspect that the pink rug would then turn black.

What happens if you put peroxide in your hair?

if you get peroxide in your hair it will change color. if your hair is blond it will turn silver if its brown it will turn red if its red it will turn blond if its black it will turn brownish red if its jet black it will turn grey

What happens to you when you get the plague?

when you get the black plague you get spots. the spots first turn out to be red then they start to turn a dark purple or a dark black. these spots can be big as apples

What happens when you shine a red light on a green apple?

it would turn black

What happens when your Venus Flytraps turn black?

That usually means it's died.

What happens when you smell cigars?

your lungs turn black if you smell it to much and you can die from it

What color is head lice?

The color of Head Lice is mainly black. Lice Eggs are a clear color but when the eggs are ready to hatch, they turn dark brown.

What happens if your meal worm turns black?

It's shortly going to turn into a beetle.

What happens when you rub vinegar on a spider bite?

ur hand will probably turn black

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