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What happens when one twin dies in utero?

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Ive noticed that my niece is slightly more advanced than most babies her age. since she was only a few months old shes been at least 3 months advanced than her age... we have been trying to research if the fact that her brother died when my sister was only 4 months pregnant. She hates sleeping alone and if you leave her for more than a few minutes she will wake up. And she has 2 very different personalities, one minute shes a ham and loves acting like a little clown which neither of her parents really are the next shes as serious as both of them combined. We are trying to see if she is possessing both her and her brothers personalities to make up for the loss.

Answer #2 I am a twinless twin, my twin died also in the womb at an early stage. But as a baby, I was considered to be very smart. I grew up figuring out things adults even couldn't understand. I'm also multi-talented and have a very unique personality. Different sides. And I feel something a lot. I have no idea what it is, but something tells me others don't feel this. It's like...a strong feeling, that makes you stronger. If I had to guess, I would have said my twin's traits or energy transfered over to me.

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What happens when one twin survives in utero?

When one twin survives in utero, the mother delivers a single baby.

If you are a conjoined twin and one twin dies what happens to the other?

The other twin is unlikely to survive.

What happens if one twin dies?

The other twin may survive. I did. I had a twin, and I just found out today ( 11/27/12). When we were fetuses my other twin died. But I survived. :)

What happens when one twin dies during pregnancy at 14 weeks What happens to the dead fetus?

The dead twin will be still-born and will have not effect on the remaining twin. You do need to speak to your OBY/GYN for more detailed advice.

When one conjoined twin dies can the other live?

Depends on how they were conjoined.

What happens to Ali in Pretty Little Liars?

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Does the death of a twin in utero cause defects to the other twin?

The death of an identical twin in the womb may be caused by developmental or genetic defects in both members of the twin pair, but one twin fares rather better than the other and makes it to birth alive, as a womb twin survivor. The death of a fraternal womb twin in the womb may be caused by developmental anomalies/genetic defects in the womb twin while the womb twin survivor is developing normally and does not share the same genes. After one womb twin dies later in the pregnancy and there is one placenta, or the two placentas have fused, there is a risk of twin embolisation syndrome in the womb twin survivor, which can cause brain damage to the survivor if delivery is delayed. To avoid this risk, the premature birth of the survivor is considered an appropriate solution. In short, there is a slight possibility of damage to the survivor, but the loss of a womb twin is very common, affecting at least 10% of pregnancies, while the birth of a child with defects is relatively rare.

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What is it called when one twin dies before birth?

Vanishing twin syndrome was first recognized in 1945. Vanishing twin syndrome is when one of a set of twin/multiple fetuses disappears in the uterus during pregnancy. This is the result of a miscarriage of one twin/multiple. The fetal tissue is absorbed by the other twin/multiple, placenta or the mother. This gives the appearance of a "vanishing twin."

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ya she does and one of them dies im not going to spoil it though,

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Is it possible to miscarriage one twin and that's the reason for the bleeding and dropping HCG levels?

From what I have read yo can miscarry one twin, it is called vanishing twin syndrom and usually happens in the first trimester. But it's called vanishing because the twin dissolves into the mother with little to no bleeding. From what I have read yo can miscarry one twin, it is called vanishing twin syndrom and usually happens in the first trimester. But it's called vanishing because the twin dissolves into the mother with little to no bleeding.

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Will one conjoined twin die if the other dies?

Not necessarily, if they have been separated surgically. Unles they can be separated that is what would happen.

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