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A homogeneous mixture is formed.

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What happens to particles as a sample of matter is heated?

The particles, those atoms/molecules of matter in a sample, will increase in kinetic energy as the sample is heated. Their kinetic energy will appear as vibrational energy, and the amount of vibrational energy of the atoms or molecules of a substance is directly proportional to the temperature of that substance.

Similarity between true suspention and colloid solutions?

A suspension is where the particles of the solute aren't spread evenly throughout the solvent while a colloid is where two or more substances are mixed together but appear to be only one substance.

How do scientific test help determine the properties of substances?

Scientific tests can help determine substances that appear similar but react differently under the same circumstances. By observing the reactions of the substance using an experiment, you can determine what that substance is made from.

Which substance gives plants its colour?

There are a few substances that give plants their color such as chloroplasts. Chloroplasts make a plant appear to be green.

Substance that does not appear to be the same throughout?

what is a substance that does not appear to be the same throughout

What happens molecularly when a substance goes through a phases to get from a solid to a gas?

The particle theory states that all particles are made of matter, these particles are in constant motion and there is a force of attraction between these particles. Solids have more closely packed particles and thse particles get looser as they progress through the states from liquid to gas. Therefore, moleculary, the molecules move faster and faster and appear farther and farther away from each other.

What are molten substances that appear at the surface of earth?

The molten substances that appear at the surface of the earth is magma or lava

Which explains what happens when salt and water combine to create a solution?

It creates a mixture in which all the particles appear similar in nature.

Two types of mixtures?

The two types of mixtures is heterogeneous and homogeneous. Heterogeneous mixtures are two or more substances combined but not chemically. You can see the two substances. Homogeneous mixtures are two or more substance that are chemically combined. You are not able to see the different substances; they appear as one.

Use the particle theory to explain expansion and contraction of a solid when its temperature is changed?

The expansion and contraction using particles is when a liquid melts because the particles get more energy and move around so making the substance appear less then there is and when the particles cool down they loose energy and move around slower so making them appear bigger than when they were warmer.

How does the Aurora appear?

it happens when sun's particles have a fusion with earth's particles close to earth, only seen in northern and southern poles because of no light pollution and those are also the magnitude poles

Why smoke particles appear as spots of light?

they are brightened by the light

Why does the sky sometimes appear whitish?

Where the atmosphere contains a lot of particles of dust and other particles, the light of the lower frequencies is also scattered stronly. This makes the sky less blue, and appear white

What happens if you fail to appear to a probation meeting?

You can be violated for failing to appear or you can be charged with absconding.

Is granite homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Granite is a heterogeneous substance. This is due to the fact that it does not appear to be consistently made of one material. An example of a homogeneous substance would be water.

Does caffeine naturally appear in foods?

Caffiene doesn't naturally appear in food, yet it does appear in plants as a natural substance and is a pesticide. The caffeine is then stripped off the plant and used in products such as coke or coffee. Caffiene doesn't naturally appear in food, yet it does appear in plants as a natural substance and is a pesticide. The caffeine is then stripped off the plant and used in products such as coke or coffee.

What are some examples that are like pure substances but are not pure substances?

Salt water or sugar water can appear to be pure substances because the dissolved solutes may be invisible. In gunpowder (black powder), the compounds potassium nitrate, sulfur, and carbon are all well mixed but represent a mixture, not a pure substance. Petroleum (oil) is actually a mixture of sveral difference complex hydrocarbons formed by the same process, and these can be separated by fractional distillation.

Why do different elements create differnat colors?

When substances appear colored to the human eye, it is due to the absorption of certain frequencies of light. The frequencies of light that are not absorbed contribute to the color that is perceived. For example, if red wavelengths of light are absorbed by a substance, it will appear green (red's complementary color). Since different elements absorb different frequencies (due to their electronic structure), different elements can appear different colors.

Why does smog appear hazy?

because the particles in their mixtures are large enough to scatter light

What is a substance called in which the composition is the same throughout?


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