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The non-custodial parent should file for visitation rights for the child in the county where custody was given.

If the parent who has custody of the child is preventing the non-custodial parent the right of visitation they can be found in contempt of court if visitation has already been established.

If the custodial parent has too many repeated contempts filed against them, custody can be switched to the other parent.

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Q: What happens when you are paying child support but being denied visitation and your child resides in a different state?
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Can your child support be reduced if you have visitation rights?

child support and visitation rights are two totally different things. The answer is no.

Can you stop visitation in the state of Indiana for failure to pay child support?

I doubt it - support and visitation are different matters.

Is it legal to keep your son away from you if your paying child support?

Support and visitation are two different things. If you have an order for visitation, you have a right to see your son.

If one parent has primary custody and the other parent has visitation which one is the custodial parent?

The custodial parent is the parent in which the child resides with. My son lives with me and I am the custodial parent, his dad has visitation rights and pays child support.

If the father does not pay child support do you still need to give him visitation rights?

Depends on your state, but courts say child support and visitation are two totally different subjects and are not considered together. Father has visitation rights irrespective of whether or not he pays child support.

What if you give up visitation rights at your chid support hearing?

Child support and visitation are separate issues and giving up visitation does not cancel the responsibility to pay child support. A request to reestablish visitation can be filed even after previously waiving visitation.

Can you be denied seeing your child when you are paying child's support and have visitation rights?

Not legally. If this happens, file a motion in court to compel the other parent to honor the visitation order.

If a father has custody can he keep the child from her mother if she is not paying child support?

No, child support and child visitation are two different matters. Neither a father nor a mother can be denied visitation based on the fact that they are not paying child support.

Do you have to take your kids for out of state visitation if your ex is thousands of dollars behind in child support?

If there is a court order for visitation privileges it must be obeyed. Visitation and child support are treated as two entirely different issues. Just as an obligated parent is in contempt of a court order when they do not pay the mandated child support a custodial parent could be in contempt for not adhering to the visitation terms.

Does a father have to pay child support to visit child?

No, child support obligations and visitation or custodial issues are completely different matters.

What can be changed after a California divorce is final?

Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.Generally only the child support and visitation schedule are subject to modification.

If the father is paying child support does that mean he has visitation rights?

Support and Visitation are separate matters that are addressed separately by the court. However, if you were a participant in a child support case you should have requested a visitation order at the same time. No one is going to do that for you. If you want a visitation schedule with your child then return to the court that issued the child support order and request visitation.

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