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Well it gets wet.

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Q: What happens when you drop water into dry soil?
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What happens if you water a plant growing in dry soil?

no because your watering it with water which make it wet .

What happens if seeds are planted in dry soil?

Seeds will not grow in dry soil.

What is the meaning of dry density of soil?

It means the density of the soil when it is dry e.g. there is no water

What happen if there is no water in soil?

The soil will start to dry up if there is no water or if there is not enough water in the soil.

Would water soaked soil hold more water if it were to rain versus if the soil was dry?

It may seem that dry soil can hold more water but that's not the case. If it is the same soil used in two different tests, then wet or dry, the soil will hold the same amount of water. The water soaked soil would appear to hold less water because it is already absorbing it's capacity (or closer to it), whereas the dry soil will hold just as much but will take more water to reach it's "soaked" point since it is dry and void of moisture.

When do you water tomatoes in Arkansas?

When the soil is dry. There is no specific time to water them.

Which heats faster dry soil or wetsoil?

Dry soil heats faster than Wet soil because water has a higher thermal inertia than air. Moist soil contains more water, and thus will heat and cool slower than soil mixed with air (dry soil) which has a lower thermal inertia.

Sandy soil is dry due to?

a lack of water

Animals that need little water can live in areas where the soil is?

the soil is very dry

Why does grass turn yellow when its dry?

Because the soil is dry and you need to add water

How do you say soil has water content in?

The water content of soil is expressed as a percentage, i.e. the percentage of the soil that is water. To calculate, weigh the mass of a sample of soil. Let this be W. Then dry the soil in an oven (be careful not to burn it) and weigh the dry soil. Let this be D. The soil moisture content, M = W-D/W x 100.

How much water do lupines need?

Lupines need water regularly depending on how dry the soil can get. Make sure the soil doesn't dry out completely. Lupines need TLC.