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The best way is to do a biopsy. But a bump on the lip can be many things.

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Q: What happens when you get a bump on your lip?
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What does it mean when you have a little bump on your lip?

It can sometimes mean you have bitten your lip.

What could be bump on the edge of your lips?

A bump in the lip may be caused by a blow to the mouth or hitting the mouth against a hard surface. The lip swells and forms a bump, with possible bruising. Try and apply an ice pack to the bump as soon after injury as possible to reduce swelling.

Why is there a bump on my lip after touching a mushroom?

you probably are allergic, but you didn't know it.

Can you get a bump on your lip if you kiss someone?

Yes, it is a virus called oral herpes which manifests itself as a cold sore, or "bump".

What happen if i have lipe bump is their core?

There are cures available for lip bumps. The remedy you could use would depend on what type of a bump you have.

What does mean if there is a bump on your lip?

I'm no doctor but either you have a hold sore or a wart.

What if you have a bump on the top of your lip which is growing?

It could be a cold soar or another infection.

Bump on my lower lip line started a small red pimple when i popped it a little bit of puss and water came out and it bled a bit now its bigger and unsymmetrical but it doesnt tingle or itc?

it is a bump/looked like a zit at the beginning on my bottom lip right on the lip line.

What happens when you get a bump on your thumb?

i have a bump on my thumb do u reackon it is broken

You had a bump on your lip for the past two years it is off and on What is it I know i should have taken care of it but i dont have insurance. What can i do to cure it?

if you have a bump on your lip and it comes and goes, the best thing to do is to ask a family member or friend. Also he or she can work on getting an insurance.

What can a very small and firm bump on the lower lip that bleeds profusely be?

What is or causes a small bump on lower lip that bleeds profusely well the blood builds up too much? Had for decades, has bled 5-7 times in 10 years.

What happens when a llama hits a bump?

what happens is when a llama hit's a bump it just ignores it but makes a burr noise and that is all it does so when you see a llama hit a bump sometimes it might do that.