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What happens when you get all 202 Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

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when you get all 202 Pokemon in emerald the proffessor will give 1 out of the 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon gold and silver.

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You cannot get all 202 Pokemon just on emerald because there are Pokemon that are only obtainable in either Sapphire or emerald, but when you trade on emerald it will update your pokedex to national mode.

Go on, or try, for the Pokedex on all the Pokemon.

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impossable im still looking for Pokemon on it and i haved it for over 3 months.

Actually, Emerald version (along with R/S/FR/LG) has 386 Pokemon and if you have a look at a R/S/E/FR/LG pokedex you'll see all the areas

Chikorita is acquired when you have found all 202 Pokemon in the Hoenn Pokedex. You can either choose Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile.

you get to get a starter Pokemon of either chicorita,cyndaquil and totodile

yes you have to obtain all 202 Pokemon in Pokemon emerald and then prof. will then let you chose either cyndiquil totodile and chickorita you then have to transfer it from pal park into your diamond

You have to complete all 202 Pokemon on the Hoenn Pokedex. When this is done, Professor Birch will call you on your Pokenav. Go to his lab and you can select Chicorita, then raise it.

get all the Pokemon in the emerald dex

you cant because you always have to have one in your party and migrating all of the Pokemon in your box would be really dumb.

nothing at all srry to disapoint you but nothing at all

You cant catch'em all in emerald

a... sorry but you can not do that. but if you get all hoen Pokemon you will get a cindiquil , todile, or chicarita well good luck!!!

200 Pokemon is all the emerald Pokemon to get more beat elite four and get national dex

all of them are in emerald

In Emerald, Pokemon can be found in Grass, Water, and Caves. There are 385 Pokemon in total.

how to get all the tickets in Pokemon emerald?

SerioslyI don't believe anything happens exept they have lvl 100 power.

There is a cloning glitch in emerald.

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