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What happens when you get all 28 Uknowns in Pokemon?

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Well once you caught all Unknowns in Solaceon Town On the East the 2nd ledge go into the house talk to the boy he will give you the seals for the letters of your unkowns (Dont worry he wont take the unknowns)

it will also help if you need a hippopotas (on Pokemon platinum)

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On Pokemon soulsilver what do you do when you have caught all 28 types of uknowns?

nothing really

What do uknowns look like from a-z in Pokemon pearl?

Umm ask for someone with all of them to show you i will post my friend code later I have all 28 unknow ! and ? included.

What happens when you get all 28 unowns yo?

you get the unown cave where you can get all the areaunown pokemon cool ya

What happens when you get all 28 unknowns in Pokemon soul silver?

you battle celibe level 5

Is there a reward for catching all 28 unowns on Pokemon platinum?

Mabey I have got all 28 Unknowns But nothing happens I thought you were supposed to get A Pokemon etc. Entei,Raikou,Suicune,Moltres, and zapdos.

Do you catch unowns to get to arcues or what in Pokemon soulsilver?

you catch unowns just to fill out your unown notes. nothing happens when you catch all 28 of them including ! and ?

What happens when you get all 28 unown in soul silver?

nothing happens you just have them

What happens when you get All of the unknown in Pokemon platinum?

What happens when you get all 28 Unown? Get ready for it! You get...the satisfaction of finding them all! Seriously, the only thing you get from it is that you can go to the house closest to the ruins, and the little boy inside will give you seals that match the letter of the Unown that is in the first position of your party. Enjoy.

When does cubone evolve in Pokemon Gold?

Cubone evolves into Marowak at level 28 in all Pokemon games.

What happens when you get all 28 unowns in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

NOTHING just like in the other Pokemon games gold silver crystal,fire red, & leaf green then again i haven't recruited all the inknowns just a few..veronica

What happens if you catch all 28 unown in leafgreen?

Nothing, really.

Hoy to catch all 28 Unown?

in Pokemon heartgold ruins of alph in Pokemon soulsilver ruins of alph

What happens when you caught all 28 unowns in heart gold?

Nothing at all....seriously, i just did it

In Pokemon platinum when does cu-bone evolve?

Cubone evolves into Marowack at level 28 in ALL Pokemon games.

What happens when you get all the unown in HeartGold?

Nothing really,you just get the satisfaction of getting all 28 Unown.

How do you catch Celebi in Pokemon Silver?

You must catch all 28 different kinds of unown pokemon.. Celebi should apear soon after.

How do you catch all the unowns on Pokemon FireRed?

you go to the scufic chambers and catch all 28 or 26 im not completely shore

What level does meowth evolve in pokemon crystal?

It evolves at level 28. You should visit this page.It has all you want to kno about Pokemon evolutions ! ;)

Where do you get TM 28 in Pokemon ruby?

you can get 28 dig on route 114

What happens when you get all 28 unown in mystery dungeon?

Well,not much of anything would be occured later....

How many Pokemon are in platinum?


How many Pokemon legendary in Pokemon White?

in unova, about 7 legandary pokemon. in total, about 28.

How many different unowns are there in Pokemon firered?

There are 28 of them. A-Z as well as ! and ? All are found in the Ruins on Seven Island.

Where can you find chimchar in Pokemon crater?

You find chimchar in route 28 but they will all be like level 4. hope this helps

How many Unknowns are in Pokemon Gold?


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