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well you'll get destroyed because this may shock you but a black hole's gravity is so powerful that it can crush atoms so you will literly be destroyed instaly into nothing but regurly matter no atoms at all!

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What happens if something go inside the black hole?

It will get destroyed. The mass will basically stay inside.

What happens when a black hole forms in a black hole?

A black hole can't really form inside of another black hole. If you think of a black hole forming after a star goes supernova, then there isn't really a star to go supernove inside of the already created black hole. In fact, there isn't even any space inside of the blak hole for anything to happen. Two black holes can join together, but they wil eventually go to one.

Why can't scientists prove what there is inside a black hole?

If you go into a black hole you will be stretch out into two and then you will be crushed.

What happens when you get near a black hole?

if you go close enough to a black hole you can get stretched to death the end

Where do things go once inside a black hole?

We can only theorize about what happens to things once inside a black hole, so there are two possible explanations.The object gets compressed into infinite density at the core of the black hole.The object goes out through a corresponding "white hole"So far, no one can prove any of these theories, but they are very possible.

What happens to you after you go into a black hole?

As you get closer to the black hole your body begins to disintegrate. Yopu eventualy disolve into sub-particles and are sucked into the black hole.

What happens when stars go into a black hole?

stars explode

Can you go inside a black hole?

Scientists say that black holes exist. They also say that you'll be "spaghettified" before you get to see anything. So yes, you can go inside a black hole, but it's not a very smart choice.

Where will you go in a black hole it?

If you fall into a black hole, you'll go into the black hole and nowhere else.

What happens when you go into the black hole?

It stretches you into tiny bits, before you even reach it then after you get eaten by it. So for my advice when you go into space please don't go anywhere near the black hole I don't want you to die.

Where do things absorbed by a black hole go?

Into the black hole.

Where do the objects go when they comes in contact in black hole?

Into the black hole.

What happens at the end of a black hole?

Black Holes do not really have an end, but if you were to go into one you would be mashed and pulled into virtually nothing.

Can any one go into black hole?

noone can go black hole as the name suggest it is a hole which is black so how any one can go ad com back...

In what movies does a spaceship go into a black hole?

The Black Hole , Event Horizon ,

If the space sharks are near the black hole do you have to go into it on astro knights island?

When the space sharks are chasing you, get close to the black hole and circle around it while not going in. The sharks will be caught and dragged inside.

What happens when you go into a black hole?

In a breif answer, you get spaghettified. ( To be stretched out into a long, thin stream of atoms, like a noodle).

What happens if a black hole gets destroyed?

There is no way you can *quickly* destroy a *large* black hole. However, it is believed that black holes will gradually evaporate, via the emission of Hawking radiation. The radiation, in this case, will simply go out into space.

Can a space ship go through a black hole without crashing?

there is no way for a ship to go through a black hole because the black hole rips the atoms from the object the come to it and spreads all the atoms around the black hole

Can a robot go into a black hole?

Yes, a robot could go into a black hole; pretty much any object you could name would be able to go into a black hole, although it would be unable to exit. It would not be a useful exercise to send a probe into a black hole for purposes of obtaining information since, even if it survived the extreme conditions near a black hole in order enter one, effects predicted by physics would prevent it from communicating from within - even light would not be able to escape past the event horizon from inside.

Wuld you get killed if you went through a black hole?

You don't go through a black hole, you go into a black hole. And with present day technology, yes, it would crush you to raw energy.

How do you end up in a black hole?

you have to go to space and find one and get sucked into the black hole

What happens to potato when you put iodine solution on it?

the potato will go a black colour because of the starch inside of it

What happens when you go in a black hole?

You become stretched and time will slow down for you. For instance, if you were standing a safe distance from a black hole with one clock and you sent your friend in with another clock synchronized before you went in, after a minutes the clocks will not be synchronized. Sadly, you friend will die after awhile in the black hole.

Where does all the stuff from the black hole go?

A black hole isn't a tunnel to somewhere else. It just does to the center of the black hole, and is crushed into a little speck.

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