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You get a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. If this is done at ordinary atmospheric pressures, the oxygen will probably freeze, since its melting point is above the boiling point of liquid hydrogen. (I'm not sure of the solubility of solid oxygen in liquid hydrogen.)

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Q: What happens when you mix liquid hydrogen with liquid oxygen?
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How do you make e liquid?

You take hydrogen and oxygen, and mix them.

What happens when you mix Thermite Oxygen and Hydrogen?


What happens if you mix hydrogen with oxygen and nitrogen and add heat?


If you chemically mix Oxygen gas with Hydrogen gas then which liquid is produced?

If one chemically reacts oxygen gas and hydrogen gas, any liquid produced is water.

Why is helium for Pressurizing Liquid-Fuel Rockets?

Because helium will not mix with hydrogen and oxygen.

What happens when you mix chlorine gas and hydrogen peroxide?

formation of hydrochloric acid and oxygen

What happens when soap and hydrogen dioxide mixes with yeast?

When they mix, they form an oxygen gas.

What happens if hydrogen and oxygen mix with LPG?

I Think it will be combustible, depending on the lpg-oxygen ratio. In some cases, it explodes

What happens if burning match is placed in a test tube of hydrogen and oxygen?

It depends on the mix ratio but the hydrogen will burn. If the mix is within certain limits, it will explode - go "pop"

Is H2O what you get if you mix hydrogen and oxygen?

No. Simply mixing hydrogen and oxygen will not get you water. You must burn the mixture.

What happens when a candle is lit?

The hydrogen and the carbon dioxide mix. Candle uses oxygen and wax as fuel

What happens when a candle lit?

The hydrogen and the carbon dioxide mix. Candle uses oxygen and wax as fuel

What 2 chemicals do you mix to make water?

If you could, then you mix hydrogen and oxygen. Water is H2O, which is hydrogen 2 parts oxygen. Have fun!

What happens when you mix carbon dioxide and hydrogen and oxygen?

If you provide a source of ignition, the hydrogen will burn, using the oxygen as the oxidizer, and water and heat will be produced. The carbon dioxide won't do much of anything.

What is the process of making liquid hydrogen?

mix water with hydrogen duuuuh!

What do you get if mix hydrogen with oxygen?

Two part hydrogen and one part oxygen make a water molecule.

What happens when you mix hydrogen and xenon?

You get a mixture of hydrogen and xenon.

What happens when you mix hydrogen and oxygen?

it makes water but hydrogen + oxygen might not combine property so it will be very hard to make water but with hydrogen it is very cold and that is why water is pretty cold and when the two gases are combined they will never disconnect from each other and that is why we got steam instead of more oxygen and hydrogen.

What is good for patchy grass?

Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Mix together to form a liquid and treat areas daily.

What does the element vanadium mix with?

Oxygen, Hydrogen and Helium.

What happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide with water?

Nothing happens

What happens when you mix hydrogen with oxygen?

You have a mixture of two elements. Were you going to add activation energy, to get them to form some water vapor?

What happens when hydrogen and sulfur mix?

Hydrogen sulphide results from combining hydrogen and sulfur.

When carbon hydrogen and oxygen mix what do you get?

If you simply mix them you just get a mixture of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. These elements are found combined in various organic compounds as well as in carbonic acid.

Do astronauts breath hydrogen in space or oxygen or both?

They breathe air, which contains oxygen. They do not breathe hydrogen, as it is a bad idea to mix hydrogen and oxygen unless you intend to create anexplosion.