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When you over pay a credit card, you have then a "credit balance." This means, in essense, the credit card company owes you money. You can either have them send you a check to pay off the difference, or the credit balance will be eliminated when/if you use your card again.

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Q: What happens when you over pay on a credit card?
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If you did not pay your credit card what happens?

the credit card company sends people to get their money i would want to pay them.

What happens if you don't pay for your credit cards I have over 100000 in credit card debt and have no more money to pay. Haven't paid in a year. What will happen to me?

Satan now owns you, pay up!

What happens if you've gone over your credit card limit?

Your credit card will be refused if you try to use it again. You first need to pay off at least some of what you owe so that you are back within your credit limit.

Where do I go to pay off my credit card debt?

Your credit card company. You should be able to call them and pay your bill/debt over the phone or be able to do it on the internet on your credit card company's website.

What happens when the credit card on file with a company you owe money to is invalid?

They say that I am in contract to pay for everything. They have my credit card and that's it. What can happen if the credit card on file is invalid?

What is a balance transfer credit card?

A credit card balance transfer happens when on person opens a new credit account in a different company and use it to pay off the debt in his or her old credit card.

What happens when you overpay on your credit card?

The overpayment will sit on your credit card account until youeither use your card to pay for items and use up the overpayment or you claim it back from the credit card company.

Can a non US citizen apply for US Credit Card?

Yes you can get a credit card. Start with a secured credit card, then get a store card. Pay them off on time over 6 months and then apply for a real credit card. You'll get one if you pay it off every month.

Order car title copy over phone with credit card?

Can I order a copy of my car title over the phone and pay with a credit card?

Can I pay my son's credit card with my credit card?

Yes - so long as you don't go over your own limit.

What happens if you go over your itunes balance?

If you go over your I-tunes balance the credit card you have attached to that account will be charged. If there is no credit card attached to the account then you will have to pay your debt off with an I-tunes gift card that you can buy pretty much anywhere however Costco has the best value.

What happens if i default into pay my credit card bill?

This could damage your credit score. It will be harder for you to get credit cards or loans in the future.

What happens if you don't make your credit card payment?

READ YOUR CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT If you fail to pay your credit card, you defaulted on the loan, it will go to a debt collection agency, and you can be taken to court by the credit card company, resulting in a judgment against you.

How does one pay credit card bills online?

One can pay credit card bills online by consulting with the website of their credit card company. Many companies offer an option to pay credit card bills online.

Can anyone get a credit card?

if you have money you have to pay for a credit card

Can you pay property taxes with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay your property taxes with a credit card.

What happens if one of your credit cards is sold or transferred to another credit card company?

you are still liable to pay what you owe

How can you pay credit card bills?

You can pay your credit card bill by sending a check into your credit card company. Some companies have online service options where you can pay right online.

Can you pay your credit card bill by another credit card?

Yes you can pay your credit card bill by another credit card. It is called balance transfers, you can transfer the balance of another credit card that has a high interest to a credit card that has a low interest. Hopefully this answers your question.

Where to pay goodys credit card online?

goodys credit card,is it a credit card are a line of credit at there department store

How many ways are there to pay credit card bills?

You can pay your credit card bill by check through the mail, use your bank accounts bill pay system to pay electronically or use a debit card to pay by phone or on the credit card companies website.

Do you have to pay for a credit card?


When you pay with a credit card do you pay interest?

To have interest on a credit card bill, you must have not paid a bill in full. When this happens, on your next bill, it will inform you that you must pay your current bill, the remainder of your last bill, and a certain amount of interest.

Is there any method other than check payment to pay off credit card bills?

Depending on the credit card you might be able to pay by * a cash lodgement at your bank branch, or * by telebanking (I pay my credit card over the internet, by transferring money each month from my current account to pay the bill), or * you might be able to pay by direct debit. Many credit card companies allow online payment of bills. If your banker and credit card issuer are the same, then there should be an option for automatic transfer of funds when the bills are due. You could also pay your credit card bill with a debit card or through cash, I suppose.

In English Law What happens to credit card debt after the death of The card holder?

The Debt goes to be paid by his estate, if there is no money to pay the debt it just bad luck for the credit card company.

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