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If you mean "How does the inside temperature increase and stay there when you turn up the temperature" it's because there is a thermostat inside the oven. When you set the temperature on the oven, the heat will keep increasing and would keep going higher and higher if it wasn't for the fact that there was a thermostat inside. The thermostat will 'click off" once the temperature inside the oven has reached the temperature that you set the dial at. Basically, the element will turn off once it has reached this temperature, and will turn on again when it has cooled the oven down by just a few degrees, then the heat will increase again until it has reached the set heat-level again etc, and so on and so forth. The temperature the hottest to the coolest as this goes on.

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Why do both indicator lights flash and then stay on?

the oven indicator light stays on and the temperature light but i turn the oven nob on and the oven heat up then i turn off . it gos out tell the temperature cools down. then it come back 0n.

Why does the temperature control on oven work the opposite turn temp down the heat element goes on turn it up it goes off?

Perhaps the knob is on upside down? On my oven the knobs are removeable, you just pull it off.

How do you use a Oven?

Hi there to use a oven you have to familiarise your self with it and how it works if it is a gas then you would turn a nob then press a sprker to ignite a fire up the oven , after you turn the nob to the temperature you want it to be at . With electric ovens eg fan you do the same but you dont need to spark an ignitor

What does the word preheat mean?

To preheat means to bring up to the required temperature before using, so for an oven, turn it on and allow time for it to come up to the required temperature before putting in the food. Most ovens have an indicator light on the front panel that will switch off when the oven has reached the set temperature.

How do you preheat an oven?

you turn on the oven with the temp. that is required in the recipe: eg: bake at 350 degrees, so you turn the dial to 350 a red light comes on, when the temp hits 350 degrees the red light turns off, now the oven has been preheated and is ready to bake your cake or pie Preheat means to warm the oven up to the required temperature before using it (putting in the food). Turn the oven on with the settings required in the recipe (eg. fan, oven or grill and temperature say, 350F) and let it warm up for 5 or 10 minutes or until the thermostat indicates it has reached that temperature. (This may be shown by a small indicator light on the front going off).

What is the energy transformation of an oven?

electrical energy of when you turn the oven on to thermal energy when it is heating up

How can preheat oven?

How about you try heating the oven before you actually need it? For example, if your recipe requires you to cook something at 180 degrees, then turn the oven up to this temperature 20 minutes prior so that it's already warm when it comes time to use it.

What happens to the temperature of boiling water if you turn up the?

The water turns into water vapor. This process is called evaporation.

Why won't your oven won't heat up?

im trying to heat up my oven but it wont turn on and keeps beeping f3 on screen.

What temperature is a hot oven?

the temperature of a hot oven is 218-233 Celsius200 degrees CelsiusA domestic oven generally operates up to about 230 degrees Centigrade (450 F).Depends on what you set it at

Can you grill in an oven?

um noooo that is what a grill is used for... the oven is used for baking if you have an oven with elements at the top (a grill) then you can do it, but you must have the door open so the heat doesn't build up, if this happens then it will become an oven i usually dont set temp past 120 celsius as the grilling element will turn off

What is the normal oven temperature for a fridge?

oven - fridge. make your mind up. A fridge should be under 5C oven - fridge. make your mind up. A fridge should be under 5C

Why is it important to check that gas is alight before closing the oven door?

So that the oven can get warmed up and to get to the right temperature!

Is this how you spell temperature correctly?

No, that is not the correct spelling.The correct spelling of the word is temperature.Some example sentences are:What is the temperature of the oven?The temperature will be hot tomorrow.I will take his temperature.

What happens when you boot up the computer?

You turn it on You turn it on

Why do you pre -heat oven?

So the oven is at the correct temperature for cooking. As soon as you place the item in the oven it will begin the cooking process rather than waiting for the oven to warm up.

Why do you preheat the oven?

An oven needs to be preheated for proper cooking temperatures and times. If an oven is not brought up to temperature, it can cause whatever is being cooked to cook unevenly or improperly.

How a oven operate?

A conventional oven has a heating source; electric ovens have metal heating elements, gas stoves have a pilot flame that turns up with the temperature to heat the oven.

What happens to the speed of the particles if the temperature goes up?

Speed goes up as temperature goes up.

What temperature is an oven?

Most modern ovens in home kitchens can be set to any temperature up to about 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature do you broil steak on?

The operative word here is broil. Turn the oven on broil and let it get up to temp. Normal steaks will take only a few minutes on each side. FriPilot

Instead of warming up a squash ball by hitting it repeatedly what oven temperature or microwave setting could you use to heat it to an equivalent temperature?

heat the squash ball in an oven for 30minutes at 100 degrees

How long does it typically take an electric oven to heat up?

This would depend on the manufacter of the oven and what temperature you have it set to but it can typically take 20 - 30 minutes to fully heat up.

How do I make my commercial oven reach the proper temperature?

In order to make your commercial oven reach the proper temperature, make sure to read the manual that came with the oven. If you did not get a hard copy, you can easily obtain another one by calling up the manufacturer or going to their website.

Will a cake bake faster with a microwave oven than an oven?

This depends on what speed you have the microwave oven and oven set on, what temperature, and how much power they both have. Probably the oven would bake a cake faster, as it is bigger and has more power, and the ability to heat up faster.

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