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nothing, but i am confused as to why you would eat self raising flour? but it is perfectly safe to consume it.

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Q: What harm is being done to the body of a person who has been eating self rising flour for half their life?
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Is eating self rising flour bad for you?

No. It isn't.

Is eating self rising flour a form of pica?


Why crave self rising flour?

There is no reason any person would crave self-rising flour.Many cooks use self-rising flour as a time-saver in making quick breads and other baked goods.

Can eating self-rising flour harm you?

No, it can't but I can't really see the appeal...

What is self rising yellow flour?

Self-rising flour has had baking powder and salt added to it. In the U.S., self-rising flour is made with (bleached or unbleached) white wheat flour, not yellow flour.

Is Bisquick self rising flour?

Bisquick is a mixture of flour, leavening, and shortening. It's not a flour or self-rising flour substitute.

Is self rising flour and all purpose flour the same?

no, self rising flour has leavening agents in it. Usually baking soda. You can make self rising flour with all purpose or cake flour by adding 1 tsp baking powder to 2 cups flour.

What is the meaning of self-rising flour in Tamil?

Self rising flour rises because of moisture and acid. Self rising flour works the same way regardless of where it is located because of the components in the flour.

How can you tell if flour is self rising or all-purpose if it is not labeled?

How can I tell if flour is self-rising or all purpose? How can I tell if flour is self-rising or all purpose?

Can you convert self-rising flour to plain flour?

Not really. Self-rising flour has baking powder and salt mixed in; it's not practical to separate it back out again.However, if a recipe calls for all-purpose flour and baking powder, you can use self-rising flour instead ... just leave out the baking powder (you should also reduce the salt used).

Is maida is self rising flour?

yes,well when you sieve flour yo will get maida(i guess)...but maida is self rising flour.

Can you use self rising flour as a substitute for all purpose flour in pie crusts?

You can, but it may result in the crust not being quite as flaky as it would be if you use an all purpose flour. Just be sure to not add any salt to it since self-rising flour already has salt in it.

What is the difference between self rising flour and bisquick?

The main difference between self rising flour and Bisquick is that Bisquick contains shortening and self rising flour does not. Bisquick can be used as a substitute for self rising flour, but adjustments may be needed for other ingredients.

Is self rising flour the same as cake flour?


How can you stop eating flour?

by not eating food that involes flour

Do you add baking soda to self rising flour?

No, you don't add baking soda to self-rising flour, because it is included in the flour.

Can you convert self rising flour into all purpose flour?

No, self-rising flour cannot be converted back into all-purpose flour. Salt and a leavening agent, usually baking powder, are added to regular flour to make self-rising flour, and cannot be removed by any practical method.

Is regular flour self-rising?

Regular flour is NOT self rising. If you Don't add Yeast to make it rise, your recipe will turn out flat.

Can eating dry flour hurt you?

No, eating dry flour will not hurt you.

Is cake flour the same as self rising flour?

No, cake flour is different from self rising flour. Cake flour is ground finer than all purpose flour and gives a silkier more desirable finished product.

What is self rising cake flour?

Self rising cake flour is flour that rises on its own as its got rising agent already added this means no yeast or baking powder needs to be added .Rising flour can also work out cheaper then buying the two ingredients sperateley.Just make sure to buy normal flour to bake things that do not need rising agents eg cookies.

Can self rising flour be used instead of cake flour?


What can you substitute all purpose flour for?

Self-rising Flour

Can you make cake flour from self rising flour?

Yes you can :)

How does one convert flour to self rising flour?

Self-rising flour usually contains baking soda, baking powder, some stablaizers, and / or yeast in it. It is very difficult to transform regular flour into self-rising flour, so it is better just to buy the kind that you will be needing.