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What arm hurts when you are having a heart attack?

The left arm. The left one.Classically, the pain of a heart attack will radiate to the neck, jaw, or left shoulder and arm. However, in reality, the pain can radiate almost anywhere - including to the abdomen, back, neck, jaw, or either shoulder or arm.

You get heart pains then your arm goes numb what is it?

These are DEFINATE signs of Heart problems see a Emergency Room or your Family Doctor at once.. Trust me I am 38 now and 14 years ago when I was 24 I had hurting in my chest, fever and just generally felt bad for a few days (Ironically after bringing my Dad home from Open Heart surgery). I went to ( Full Answer )

What is a skirt?

A skirt is an article of clothing traditionally worn by women and girls. It begins at the waist and has fabric coming down toward the ground. They can be any lenght. For pictures, google it.

What is it if heart stops for 8 seconds?

You might pass out or feel like you are going to faint, called syncope and presyncope by the doctors. If your heart starts again on its own, you should be fine. But it's not normal for a heart to stop like this and you should see a cardiologist to make sure your heart doesn't have electrical problem ( Full Answer )

What is 3 out of 8?

Your 3 out of 8 is a fraction representing 3/8ths. It could be odds in some kind of exercise in probability. The activity yields a 3 in 8 chance of a given outcome. As an expression of odds, it's 3 to 8 (or 3:8). Same 3 in 8 chances of a given outcome. In probability, the range is from 0 (no chance ( Full Answer )

What are the 3 nerves in the arm?

I would have said the radial, median, ulnar, lateral cutaneous, and musculocutaneous. I guess it depends on where your arm cuts off :}

What arm hurts when having a heart attack?

The left one.. Classically, the pain of a heart attack will radiate to the neck, jaw, or left shoulder and arm. However, in reality, the pain can radiate almost anywhere - including to the abdomen, back, neck, jaw, or either shoulder or arm.

Is there A mythical creature with 3 arms?

I am unsure of any ancient mythical animals, but you could try making your own race if you would want to. The only one I have ever heard of is Lt. Arex, on the animated "Star Trek" from the early seventies. He is an Edosian; in some sources is a Triexian. Perhaps one name is the species, the other ( Full Answer )

What is 8 and 3?

they are numbers. and if you add them together you get 11. if you muliply you get 24. if you subtrack you get 5. if you divide 8 by 3 you get 8/3 .

What arm hurts with a heart attack?

The term "hurts" is subjective therefor it is hard to answer. Also that question needs more information to be properly answered.

Your heart beats and you can see your arm move?

i am having it right at this point in time i am very afraid of what it might be doing to my health i think it migt be from not enough blood flow though out the bodey so it needs to pump harder it may be a blood claught or you may be crossing you leggs to much and stops the lood flow very slowy the m ( Full Answer )

What are skirt?

Kinda like the bottom of a dress with no top half. Worn by women and girls (females)

What does a black heart tattoo on the arm symbolize?

It symbolises love In addition to the above given answer; a black heart more so symbolizes the loss of love, and it usually means that the person has died and your heart is forever darker without them.

Why does your arm hurt during a heart attack?

Radiation of pain is thought to be caused by the non-specific sensory innervation of organs that do not have pain receptors being mis-interpreted by the brain as being located in a different location. The best theory I have heard for this is that organs, such as the heart, have nerves that enter the ( Full Answer )

What arm hurts when you have a heart attack?

Normally people feel pain in their LEFT arm. But heart attacks effect all different people differently. Some may not feel pains in arms, some may feel pain in both arms, and I'm sure even tho it may only be a very few that only feel pain in the right arm.

How does the heart work with the arms?

Well, the main thing it does, obviously, is provide blood to the arms, thus letting you to move your arms, supply energy for muscles, and supplies blood to the nerves so you can feel your arm.

What are 8 steps to Justin's heart?

to make him feel special. to not be like anyone else. dont like him just because he's famous. look him in the eye. complement him. talk to him like you would talk to anyone else. make him laugh. be curdious

What episode of charmed does piper get 8 arms?

On the episode "A Call To Arms" Piper receives extra arms making her have 8. In this episode Piper and Leo receive powers of Hindu Gods. This is the first episode of season 7.

Can you break your arms in sims 3?

Depends on what console you have it for but if you have it for the ps3 or iphone (I have those) no you can't.

Which arm does a heart attack affect?

The pain of a heart attack often (but not always) radiates down the left arm, often on the "pinky side". The pain can also radiate to the left side of a person's jaw.

How do you get 8 hearts in harvest moon?

If your trying to get someone's hearts up you should give them what they love or like, or give them something really good on their birthday. Keep doing and you will get hearts up in no time! Be sure to talk to them everyday. Here is a good website for more info: fogu.com just find the harvest moon g ( Full Answer )

Trace a drop of blood from the heart to the right arm?

Heart-->Arch of Aorta-->Brachiocephalic-->Subclavian Artery-->Axillary Artery (which itself branches off into the Superior Thoracic Artery, Lateral Thoracic Artery, Thoracoacromial Artery, Posterior Circumflex Artery, Anterior Circumflex Artery, Subclavian Artery, etc. each with their own respective ( Full Answer )

Does it heart to break your arm skateboarding?

Yes, you would think so, for there are several ways to avoid this from happening so don't be afraid to skateboard, because it is one of the best sports out there. Overall, no matter how you break your arm it will hurt.

Will there be series 8 wild at heart?

there are rumours that due to the lack of viewers wild at heart is not returning to itv, however this is only a rumour. series 7 had poor raitings due to bbc's midwives personally i did not watch a single episode of this. but i am keeping my fingers crossed and i am sure many others are aswell

Does heart burn cause pain in upper left arm?

No it does not. Stomach acid is strong acid produced by the stomach to help digest the foods people eat. Normally the acid stays in the stomach, but when the acid backs up into the esophagus, it burns and causes the uncomfortable sensation known as heartburn (the cause of heartburn is gastroesophage ( Full Answer )

How do you make a heart with your arms app?

The app i use if called 'Love Booth' it can also make other shapes as well such as, the alphabet, I (heart) you, peace sign ect. hope that helped :)

Where could one get a heart tattooed in ink on one's arm?

In order to get a heart tattoo, someone could visit their local tattoo parlor. It is advisable to ensure that the tattoo parlor has a good reputation before you visit. Tattoo parlors could be found by looking in the Yellow Pages or in the Phone Book.

Where can you get 3 armed pulley remover?

You mean a bearing puller. If you're only going to use it onoccasion, you can find them at Harbor Freight, Auto Zone, AdvancedAuto Parts, O'Reilly Auto Parts, maybe Lowe's... places like that.If you're going to be using it in a professional capacity, you'dprobably get one from NAPA, Snap-On, Cornwel ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Hearts and Skirts - 1912?

The cast of Hearts and Skirts - 1912 includes: Sylvia Ashton as Chaperone to Mabel Russell Bassett as The Lawyer Louise Glaum as Mabel Russell, an Heiress Dolly Larkin as Mary the Maid Eddie Lyons as Joe Dobbs, a Cowboy Donald MacDonald as Billy Jones, a Ranchman Lee Moran as First Cowboy