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What has a arm the same length as its body?


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lion,tiger,elephat & more mamals...

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No thing has a tongue the same length as its body. chameleons

Divide the length of the force arm by the length of the resistance arm.

Your forearm. It's also roughly the same as your upper arm.

Deep Q wave indicates old myocardial infarction.

The p arm is the shorter arm of the chromosome. The q arm is the longer arm. For chromosomes which are metacentric, the arms tend to be the same length. For submetacentric, acrocentric, or telocentric, the p and q arms show clear differences in length- and thus are classified accordingly.

height 150cm arm length 62cm

Approximately one yard, same as 3 feet long.

The Average Arm Span For A Two Year Old Should Be Roughly The Same As Its Height.

The length of one arm is about 40% of your height

Here you have different species of octopus.">The Common Atlantic octopus can grow to reach 10' or 3m in length when the body and arms are measured together.The giant Pacific octopus can reach lengths of 16' or 5m when the body and arms are measured together.The red octopus normally not exceeding 10 cm.The Blue-ringed octopus it has a body length of about 5cm, an arm length of about 10cm.The Day octopus can grow to around 30" or 76cm when the body plus arm length is measured.The Reef octopus have a body that grows up to 12cm in length and arms that can reach around 60cm.The Atlantic Longarm octopus has arms are commonly around 30cm in length whereas the body is only about 6cm.The Long-armed octopus can commonly grow to about 84'' or 1m in length when the body and arm lengths are measured.

foot or arm (cubit = length from elbow to finger tips).

there is a correlation in the ratio between the arm length and the leg length. the ratio is 1.556 inches.

scientists are not very sure about the arm length in humans and animals

it has the same amount as any other cells in your body (with the exception of sex cells which have 23.) a cell in the arm of the body will have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs)

The length of the statue of liberty's right arm is 42ft 0in

Mechanical advantage= effort arm length/ load arm length For Example Effort arm=120 cm Load arm length= 40 cm MA-120/40 = 3

The ratio of the human thumb to the length of the arm is usually 1 to 15. The thumb's length can fit into the size of the arm an approximately 15 times or more.

In general, yes, your arm span is about the same as your height. If you hold your arms straight out from your sides, the distance from the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other is about how tall you are. Some slight variations exist, though.

The body part that is spelled the same forwards and backwards is the eye.

The 'ideal' mechanical advantage is length of the effort arm/length of the load arm .

Ideal M.A. = (length of the effort arm) divided by (length of the load arm)

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