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What has a greater distance from earth an asteroid or a galaxy?


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- Answer-Asteroids

- Explanation-

Here is a scale of the known universe...from Earth to outwards

Earth /

Mars /

Asteroid Belt /

4 Gas planets / All located in our...

Solar system / Located in the...

Milky Way Galaxy / Part of the...

Universe - Home to many galaxies


Earth Asteroids within our solar system Other galaxies

o . : . :: . .. G

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Mars' average distance from the sun is greater than Earth's average distance, and less than the average distance of most of the members of the asteroid belt. So, the answer is YES.

Zero. Earth is in the Milky Way Galaxy.

0 km. The Earth is part of our galaxy.0 km. The Earth is part of our galaxy.0 km. The Earth is part of our galaxy.0 km. The Earth is part of our galaxy.

The distance of the nearest galaxy nearest to earth is measured by analyzing the light coming from that galaxy. This method is performed by observing the individual object's brightness.

The old saying "a miss is as good as a mile", although if an asteroid were to pass within about 300 miles of the Earth, it would definitely be "too close for comfort"! A "safe" distance might be anything greater than about 25,000 miles, which would prevent it from colliding with our geosynchronous satellites as well.

you can measure its distance, size, shape, and composition from the Earth.

around the sun + sun in galaxy+galaxy in space= speed earth?

The crab people currently inhabit the asteroid belt. The furthest from Earth that humans have reached is the Moon which is a tiny fraction of the distance to the asteroid belt.

Apophis will pass the earth in 2036 at a distance of 6000 km. It is said that it may hit the earth.

The gravitational force (or attraction) between any two objects increases as the distance between them decreases. Thus, as an asteroid approaches Earth, the Earth's gravitational pull will increase as it gets nearer.

A faint galaxy appears as not shining, and look faint from the earth due to distance.

Because the size of a galaxy and its distance from Earth are completely unrelated.

No, an asteroid cannot destroy earth, but a large enough asteroid can have devastating effects on the life on Earth

Center or whole? 0 miles if it's the whole galaxy because Earth is IN the Milky Way Galaxy but IDK center.

The farther away the galaxy is from ours the faster it moves from our galaxy.

Earth is inside the asteroid belt

The Andromeda Galaxy is at a distance of about 2.5 million light-years from Earth; or from the Milky Way.

Approximately 13 million light years.

What asteroid? There were several.

Yes, as long as an asteroid is within visible distance of earth.

Earth is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. So, I guess the distance is 0, because we're already in it.

The earth is inside the asteroid belt.

A galaxy cluster is a grouping of galaxies and not a single entity - therefore it is impossible to give a distance.

No, if the Earth was destroyed by an asteroid we would not be living today.

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