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What has a mouth but can not chew?

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Some answers to this include the following:

  • A river
  • A cave
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When you first chew food what is squirted in your mouth?

saliva squrited in your mouth when you chew.

What is the role of the mouth?

the role of the mouth is to chew the food

What is the function for your teeth?

to chew the food that enters through your mouth thaaaaaaaa to chew the food that enters through your mouth thaaaaaaaa

Why is it important to chew food properly?

chewing of food in our mouth cavity is must as many juice combine with it from mouth when we chew it properly. If we fail to chew many juice will not be available for digestion of food. The process of digestion starts at mouth. whe we chew these juices are activated.

What as a mouth but doesn't chew?

A river.

How two eat turkey with your mouth?

stuff your mouth in it and chew and then swallow.

What do cows chew when theres nouthing in there mouth?

I own many cows, and also hand milk several. Cows don't chew 'when there is nothing in their mouth.' They do regurgitate formerly ingested fodder, and chew on it.

How do moray eels chew their food?

they dont chew there food they much it up in there mouth

Is it bad for you when you chew with your chew with your mouth open?

well, it kind of is its unpolite to do that at the dinner table

What is chew?

Tobacco that is put in the mouth and sucked on.

How do you eat something?

put in your mouth and chew....

How do you eat a chip?

You put it in your mouth and chew it.

What has mouth but can not chew?

A cave (or similar entrance)

Do cows chew on one side of their mouth?


When you chew what is squirted into your mouth?


What happens to your mouth when you chew tobacco?

The inside of your mouth gets tiny cuts

How do you eat with your mouth?

open your mouth put the food in your mouth close your mouth chew your food and swallow your food idiot

Why do teeth chew your food?

Because, without teeth, your mouth would have no other device to chew with.

2 What is the main function of the mouth in digestive system?

When we chew food, the salivary glands secrete saliva which has enzymes and the mouth when we chew the food it is easier to swallow

The mouth function?

to chew food and breathe air

How do you eat bread?

Put a piece in your mouth then chew.

What do you do to eat cheese?

put it in our mouth and chew then swallow

How do you eat a starfish?

Put it in your mouth, chew, and swallow.

How can you eat cookies?

You put them in your mouth, chew, and swallow

How do you eat a potato muffin?

Put it in your mouth and chew.

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