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Mars is bigger than Mercury so it has a larger gravitational pull.

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The gravitational pull of Mars equals 0.38, meaning that a 70kg person would weigh just 26.6kg on Mars. Mercury has the same gravitational pull as Mars, so that answers two questions at once.

Mars has a gravitational pull of 3.7m/s2, which is a lot weaker than that of Earth (which is 9.8m/s2).

Gravitational pull is less for Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus. And th eother planets have higher gravitational pull.

The gravitational pull on Mars is about 1/3 of Earth's.

Because of the Gravitational pull of Mars and Jupiter the Asteroid belt says in the same orbit. It is closer to Mars, but Jupiter has a stronger Gravitational pull, so it stays where it is.

The gravitational pull of Mars is 0.38 that of Earth.

Mercury's mass is much less than the Earth's, so the gravity of Mercury at the surface is much lower than the gravity at Earth's surface.

The pull of Mars is the weakest. It is .377 the gravity of Earth.

yes, because every thing has a gravitational pull

All obects have a gravitational pull. The larger it is, the stronger the pull.

Earth has the greatest gravitational pull because of the ratio of size to pull of gravity as well as high density.

Because Mercury has no moons, therefor no gravitational pull.

No. The gravitational pull of Earth is constant.

ya, earth has about 6 times the gravitational pull of the moon

The gravitational pull of the Sun is MUCH stronger than that of the Moon.

The Gravitational Pull Tries to Pull it up But it is a machine It is not like a human.

Yes, Earth's gravitational pull is more than the moon's. Earth has a stronger gravitational pull than the Moon

Mercury receives the most gravitational pull from the sun.

No, the moon's gravitational pull is much weaker than the Earth's because it is smaller, so therefore has a stronger pull. The heavier an object's mass is in space or any other planet, the stronger the gravitational pull.

1 kilogram on earth is 0.377 kilograms on mars.

The gravitational pull of Mars helps keep the Earth in it's orbit.

With a bigger mass there is more to pull to the ground: therefore there is a larger gravitational pull. :)

The sun because it has more mass. The greater the mass, the greater the gravitational pull.

No. Pluto is actually smaller then Our Moon, Therefor Less gravitational Pull.

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