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What has been the history of rockets?

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The history of modern rocketry began during WW 2. German engineers were able to design rockets that were capable of reaching England from Germany and these rockets had warheads that would explode on contact. The Germans advanced from their V-1 rocket to a more powerful V-2 rocket. Using WW 2 airplanes as the British did, to try and intercept a rocket was near impossible. What saved the British was that the warheads used by the Germans were small compared to the damage a group pf German bombers could inflict with massive bombing attacks on London, for example. Also, the number of rocket launches the Germans could muster were relatively small. After WW 2, the Soviets and the USA each took German rocket scientists back to their nations and used German expertise to develop stonger and more powerful rockets. These rockets were not however, used for attacking. They were used as a defensive mechanism to discourage attacks.

Later, rocketry advanced to the level of allowing space travel. The most impressive use of rocketry was allowing the USA to land men on the moon.

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How many Apollo rockets have there been?

Threr has been 13 Apollo rockets

How have rockets been used to explore space?

yes rockets have been used to explore space

Where can I learn about rockets?

You can start at the Rockets link below. It has information on the history of rocketry, and several useful links.

How many rockets have been to space?

24 or 25 of rockets were launched in space.

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What are some of the jobs that rockets have done throughout history?

In the past rockets have been used for many different things. In the 1200's, Chinese soldiers used them against their enemies. In 1930, Robert Goddard, was the first to set earthlings on a path into space. Hundreds of space crafts and satellites have been lifted into space by rockets. These satellites send information back to earth.

How many rockets have launched from india-?

There have been approximately 75 satellite rockets launched from India.

How many rockets have been launched in the world?

There have been a total of 5,038 rockets launched into space. The first was Sputnik from the Soviet Union (USSR).

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On September 13 and 14 1814 rockets were important role in history what was that role?

chase thielman

Can you give a brief outline of the history of rocketry?

Rockets were developed, not discovered. See link for some basics.

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What new weapons were invented or first used in World War 2?

The flame thrower was considered a new weapons, though it can trace its roots to ancient Greece. The V-2 Rockets were new, but rockets have been used for centuries prior to that, just nothing on that large a scale. The Bazooka was new, but it was based on rockets and mortars. The Atomic Bomb was the biggest change and its development dominated world history for the next 50 years.

What are the latest launched rockets?

The newest rocket to have been launched is the Japanese H2B.

What rockets have been left in space?

all that have not landed or shot down, or creased.

History of rockets can be traced back to the firecrackers in eastern for ages rockets are now advanced enough to go beyond the solar system which kind of research has made this possible?

Practical use of scientific information of pure and applied research can be named technology. So, research and advancements in rockets is technology.

How many space rockets have been launched?

Total of 135 missions have been launched 2 of whiched were lost