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What has been the history of rockets?

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2015-06-04 16:35:32

The history of modern rocketry began during WW 2. German

engineers were able to design rockets that were capable of reaching

England from Germany and these rockets had warheads that would

explode on contact. The Germans advanced from their V-1 rocket to a

more powerful V-2 rocket. Using WW 2 airplanes as the British did,

to try and intercept a rocket was near impossible. What saved the

British was that the warheads used by the Germans were small

compared to the damage a group pf German bombers could inflict with

massive bombing attacks on London, for example. Also, the number of

rocket launches the Germans could muster were relatively small.

After WW 2, the Soviets and the USA each took German rocket

scientists back to their nations and used German expertise to

develop stonger and more powerful rockets. These rockets were not

however, used for attacking. They were used as a defensive

mechanism to discourage attacks.

Later, rocketry advanced to the level of allowing space travel.

The most impressive use of rocketry was allowing the USA to land

men on the moon.

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