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Dolphins, whales, fish, and others


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Dolphins have flippers because they are useful for navigating in water. Since dolphins live their whole lives in the water, they do not need feet. Flippers are useful for steering.

yes sharks live in Indiana oceans.

Salmon live in oceans but they spawn in rivers.

They live in the Oceans, different species of Octopus live in diferent parts of the oceans, some live in the deep oceans, some live in the sandy shallows and other live among rocks or reefs.

large mouthbass dont live in oceans they live in ponds,lakes,and rivers.

Squids live all over the world, in oceans and in lakes.

marine turtles live in oceans.

primal oceans are oceans that are fresh watered oceans thatmarine life animals can live in and can adapt to

tiger sharks live in the Indian, Arctic, and Pacific oceans.

All octopi live in oceans. Since the oceans are salty, they live in salt water.

Yes, seahorses live in oceans and seas.

yes they do have flippers

they have flippers to flip

Dogs do not have flippers, but the SEA LION looks like a dog with flippers.

They live in the coast of Ireland and the Aisa oceans

they only live in oceans Indian, and Pacific are were they mainly live) but there is Gar which are like barracudas that live in lakes everywhere

It is a sea mammal found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is a strange looking creature, not really like a fish or whale. It has no scales or fins, but swims using two flippers at the front. It has no rear limbs, but does have a tail, similar to kinds of dolphins.

because oceans is where the shark babies is born at

The penguin is the one that have flippers

they have flippers so they can swim.

Sharks live in many oceans, but they live in the Pacific for the same reasons they live in other oceans: the conditions are suitable for life.

Emperor Penguins live in Antarctic so they will live in the oceans around the Anrtarctic ( the antarctic oceans)

UM, ducks, geese. Its mostly mammals that live in water.

Mostly they live in all oceans except for the ones by the north and south poles

they live in tropic oceans because it is not salted and it is rainey there and very nice and sunny

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