What has happened to all the original members of black oak Arkansas?

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One of them is a friend of mine, living in Port Townsend, WA. I cant give his name without permission, he is very sick and at the moment homeless.
So much for 'royalty's".
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Did all black people originate from Africa?

Most modern archaeologists and geneticists agree that the wholehuman race originated in Africa. From a more recent perspective though, no. Not all Blacks come fromAfrica. Just because someone's skin color or features look similarto those of Africans. doesn't mean they or even their ancestorscome fr ( Full Answer )

What happened to original cast members of tv show NCIS?

Gerald, who was Duckys first assistant got shot in the arm, so he went missing for a few months, and never came back. Kate got shot by Ari. Jenny was in los angeles and got in a gun fight.

Were all races originally black?

Yes. All humans were once adapted to life in Africa where all our distant ancestors used to live. Protection from UV-light is important, although pigmentation has costs. As groups of humans migrated from Africa to colder areas with less sun they needed more clothes for warmth. Since sunlight is ne ( Full Answer )

Name all of Jacob Blacks family members?

Ephraim Black is Jacob Black's Great-Grandfather (Diseased) Billy Black is Jacob Black's Father Sarah Black is Jacob Black's mother (Died in a car accident) Rachel and Rebecca Black (Twins) are Jacob Black's sisters And it is speculated that Embry Call could be Jacob Black's brother though ( Full Answer )

Was the original cast of 'Wicked' all black?

No , the original cast of 'Wicked' wasn't all black. But a related, all black production was 'The Wiz'. Both 'Wicked' and 'The Wiz' include characters from the original 1900 book and the beloved 1939 film versions of 'The Wizard of Oz'. In 'Wicked' Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, had green sk ( Full Answer )

What happened to the original members of the group the temptations?

Paul- died Eldridge-fired because of altercations w/ Paul Otis- still with the temptations Eddie- died of lung cancer Melvin (Blue)- died of a seizure Paul- suicide but some beg to differ David- overdose on drugs David Ruffin was replaced Eldridge so he was not an original temptation b ( Full Answer )

What is the origins of Arkansas?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Since then, 3 countries have claimed possession of Arkansas- Spain France, and the US. The name itself comes from the Indians who lived there. At the time of the early French exploration, a tribe of Indians, the Quapaws, lived West of the Miss ( Full Answer )

Is Black Oak good firewood?

Black Oak is great firewood. It's nearly as good as White Oak, which (along with hickory) tops the list for firewood BTU output here in the Northeast.

Original members of black eye peas?

the original members of the group are Will.I.Am and Apl.D.Ap. they call their group ATBAN Klann. when they acquired Taboo and Fergie, that's when they changed the name to Black Eyed Peas.

What happened to all the members of Pink Floyd?

Syd Barrett had a breakdown in the late 60's and lived in obscurityin the UK until he died in 2006. Richard Wright and Nick Mason participated in the 1996 and 2004Pink Floyd reunions (and world tours) along with David Gilmour.Wright died in 2008. David Gilmour has toured occasionally and made one ( Full Answer )

Are all the members in Black Veil Brides boys?

Yes, all the members of Black Veil Brides are boys. They have hadfemales in the band in the past, like their former drummer, SandraAlvarenga. However, all of the current members are boys.

Was bobby martin an original cast member on all your children?

Bobby Martin was a famous music producer that worked in film doing scores for movies and shows. He did plenty of productions and work for CBS and Warner Bros. etc. Bobby Martin did the music for the T.V. show Soul Train, also the Movie Saturday night Fever and Donald Trumps television show "The Appr ( Full Answer )

What happens when your fingernail is all black?

this usually means that you have hit your nail, or got it caught in between something at some stage. Once the nail turns all black, it normally falls off then grows back :)

How old are all the members of Black Veil Brides?

Well, Andy Biersack was born December 26th 1990, Jinxx was born January 7th 1986, Ashley Purdy was born January 28th 1984, Jake Pitts was born August 21st 1986, CC was born April 21st 1985, Hoped this helped you!

What is the origin of it's all happening?

In the 70's Kim Fowley (see The Runaways) and Rodney Bingenheimer would say it as sort of an inside thing, and it sort of took off amongst the rock crowd of the day. In today's popular culture, it resurfaced in the early 2000's due to it being featured very prominently in the pseudo-rockumentry Almo ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the name of Arkansas?

Many place names in our state, including the name of Arkansas (pronounced Ark-an-saw), are French pronunciations of Indian words. At the time of the early French exploration, a tribe of Indians, the Quapaws, lived West of the Mississippi and north of the Arkansas River. The Quapaws, or OO-GAQ-PA, we ( Full Answer )

What happened to James E Evans known as 'Catfish' that was with Black Oak Arkansas 1971 through 1974 not as a band member but roadie type person?

He passed away October 8, 1996. James 'Catfish' Evans is my dad. I am his youngest child of four (James Clinton, Keegan, Kailtlin Savannah, and myself, Skylar). He died from sleep apnea on his mothers birthday. His wife (my mom), Angelia, never remarried. I was only 3 years old when he passed away b ( Full Answer )

Are all the members from Black Veil Brides single?

No, not all of them are single. Jinxx is engaged to Sammi Doll, and Andy Biersack is dating Juliet Simms, Jake is dating model Ella Cole but Ashley and CC are currently single. (Correct as of 08/07/2012)

Who was the first NZ All Black team members?

The originals as they were know then became the All Blacks were George Gillett Fullback Canterbury Billy Wallace Three-quarters Wellington Duncan McGregor Three-quarters Wellington Ernie Booth Three-quarters Otago George Smith Three-quarters Auckland ( Full Answer )

What happens in aqw when you have all member things and turn non member?

well if you mean runescape i can answer that question. if you mean runescape, if you have all the member objects and then turn non-member, you still have it in ur bank but u cant take it out. the only way u can take it back out is if u become a member again.

Who is the original band member of the band Black Veil Brides?

The ORIGINAL members consist of: Andy Biersack - Bass Sandra Alvarenga - drums, percussion (2008-2010) Chris "Hollywood" Bluser - lead guitar, backing vocals (2008-2009) David "Pan" Burton - rhythm guitar (2008-2009) Chris "Craven" Riesenberg - drums, percussion (2006-2008) Nate Shipp - ( Full Answer )

What was the original spelling of the State of Arkansas?

There were several variations of the spelling of Arkansas over the years. The explorer Marquette spelled it as "Akansea" whereas La Salle later spelled it as "Acansa". La Harpe spelled it "Akansas", then Pike referred to is as "Arkansaw". The Enabling and Organic Acts of Congress had the state spell ( Full Answer )

What is all the members in black veil brides birthday?

Andy Biersack - Dec 26th 1990. Jinxx - Jan 7th 1986. Ashley Purdy - Jan 28th 1984. Jake Pitts - August 21st 1986. Christian Coma - April 21st 1985. I know Andy's for sure and Jinxx's birthday but I'm not positive on the year. Most of this is off the internet so I can't comment on how accurate i ( Full Answer )

What happened to the original black Jews?

There was no such thing. Just as today, Israelites came in differing skin-tones, heights,and body-types. Our tradition is that the twelve sons of Jacob (the12 Tribes) were not completely similar to each other in appearance,though none of them was really dark-skinned (Rashi commentary onGenesis 12:11 ( Full Answer )