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Q: What has technology not done for sports?
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How do you build a working model of science and technology for games and sports?

How do you build a working model of science and technology for games and sports?

What sports have been improved by technology?

Many sports have been improved by technology, instant replay has revolutionized the sports, and made it easier for refs to make the right calls.

How is sports related to technology?

There are several different ways that sports are related to technology. In countries with technology such as the United States we play sports like baseball, football, and basketball. In these sports you need certain equipment to participate. In other countries with not as much technology they play sports like soccer where you don't need as much equipment. Dr. Nathan M. Hasenfratz M.D. Harvard University Graduating Class of 2000

Example of oration piece about sports and technology?

You will need to include information about how technology has helped improve sports. Having some first hand sources can help out.

What is the meaning of refining sports?

The meaning of refining sports is incorporating advanced technology in sports activities to boost the natural ability.

What is the use of science and technology in sports?

to make better sports equipment for eg.clothes shoes etc.

What does the st mean in focus st?

sports technology

How can science and technology help in sports to win?

By not leeching.

Difference between classical and traditional technology?

There are a few differences between classical and traditional technology. Traditional technology is something that has always been done and classical technology is something that was once done.

How does technology help sports?

The importance of information technology in sports is seen in various aspects. This mainly used in analysis, communication, random selection of events and so much more.

Which form of a protective technology in the field of sports?

There are several. One the cup is used to protect the testicular region. The football pads and helmet are also forms of protective technology in sports. In addition, shinguards are in soccer. There are many forms in sports

Is outdoor sports is not aerobic?

Aerobic sports are sports that are done in the water, for example swimming and aerobic gymnastics. Sports like Basketball, Netball and Golf are not aerobic sports.