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Q: What has the Arctic hare done to adapt?
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How does an Arctic hare change its environment?

Arctic hares do not change the environment, they adapt to it.

What is being done to protect the arctic hare?

According to the IUCN, the arctic hare is not an endangered species. It is listed as Least Concern.

How does the Arctic hare adapt to the Arctic?

in the winter it has thick fur to trap body heat, but otherwise, it has long ears and long feet to adapt to the harsh and cold weather.

How does an Arctic hare adapt to it's environment?

When alarmed they rise up on their hind legs.

How are arctic hare different from hare that live outside the arctic?

arctic hare live in the arctic when other hares don't live in the arctic

Does the arctic hare have camouflage?

how does a Arctic hare camouflage

Is an Arctic Hare an omnivore?

No, An arctic hare is a herbivore

How can an arctic hare adapt to its surroundings?

Their fur keep them warm and their white color in the winter camouflage them to keep away predators.

What is the Arctic hare's phylum?

The Arctic Hare is from the phylum Chordata.

Why is the Arctic hare called that?

THe arctic hare live tundra

Is an arctic hare a mamal?

Yes. An Arctic Hare is a mammal.

Is a arctic hare a decomposer?

The arctic hare is a primary consumer.

How does the arctic hare get energy?

THE arctic hare gets its energy from grass and berries

Is the Arctic hare a carnivore herbivore or a omnivore?

The Arctic Hare is an herbivore.

Can a arctic hare be a pet?

yes if you live near or on the arctic circle you can have a pet arctic hare.

How does the Arctic hare get its energy?

THE arctic hare gets its energy from grass and berries

Is a Arctic hare a mammal?

No, but an arctic hare is a mammal. I have no idea if the two are related.

Does an arctic hare sleep?

An arctic hare sleeps and hunts food too.

Is the Arctic hare herbivore omnivore or a carnivore?

The Arctic Hare is a herbivore.

What eats the Arctic poppy?

The Arctic hare

What kind of Animals live in the south region of USA?

The arctic hare and arctic fox live in the arctic region.The arctic hare and arctic fox live in the arctic region.

How does a Arctic hare get its food?

The Arctic Hare digs through the snow and looks for vegetation.

How do Arctic Tern adapt to the Arctic region?

Arctic Tern Adapt By their feathers to Arctic

What is an Arctic hare's habitat?


The climate an arctic hare lives in?

climate, weather, temperature, rainfall where arctic hare lives