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Alfred Hine has written:

'Magnetic compasses and magnetometers' -- subject(s): Compass, Magnetometer, Magnetometers

'London, Leek, Macclesfield, The potteries, Buxton, The seasons, The farmers' calendar' -- subject(s): Accessible book

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Alfred Hine is known for writing books such as "How to Produce a West End Show" and "The Cambridge Companion to the Musical." He has also authored articles and essays on various aspects of theatre and musicals.

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Alfred Heubeck has written:

'Das Nationalbewusstsein des Herodot'

'Schrift' -- subject(s): Languages, Alphabet, Writing, Greek language, History

'A commentary on Homer's Odyssey' -- subject(s): Odysseus (Greek mythology) in literature

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Alfred Hein has written:

'Der blaue Vogel'

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Q: What has the author Alfred Hine written?
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