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Colin McArthur has written:

'The Casablanca file' -- subject- s -: Casablanca - Motion picture -

'Whisky Galore!' -- subject- s -: Maggie - Motion picture -, Whisky galore! - Motion picture -

'Genre and iconography'

'DIALECTIC! Left Film Journalism'

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Archie McArthur has written:

'Religion and socialism' -- subject(s): Moral and ethical aspects, Moral and ethical aspects of Socialism, Socialism

'Some connections between the City of Glasgow and Robert Burns'

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Colin McNaughton has written:

'Winter' -- subject(s): Fiction, Winter, Seasons, Children's stories, English


'She's a Little Cow'

'Los Piratas/the Pirates'

'Little goal!' -- subject(s): Fiction, Pigs, Wolves, Soccer

'Pirates and Vampires Pack'

'Have You Seen Who's Just Moved in Next Door to Us?'

'Guess who's just moved in next door' -- subject(s): Fiction, Humorous stories, Stories in rhyme, Household Moving, Monsters, Neighborhood, Neighborhoods

'S.W.A.L.K. (Preston Pig)'

'At home' -- subject(s): Concept books

'Santa Claus Is Superman'

'At the Park (Books of Opposites)'

'Walk rabbit walk' -- subject(s): Fiction, Walking in fiction, Rabbits, Walking, Transportation, Rabbits in fiction, Transportation in fiction, Animals in fiction, Animals

'Suddenly!' -- subject(s): Pigs, Humorous stories, Swine, Juvenile fiction, Wolves, Fiction

'At theshops' -- subject(s): English language, Synonyms and antonyms, Juvenile literature, Pictorial works

'Hmm..' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Wolves, Swine

'1,2,3, and Things'

'Crazy bear' -- subject(s): Fiction, Humorous stories, Animals, Bears, Children's stories, English, Short stories

'Here come the aliens!' -- subject(s): Extraterrestrial beings, Stories in rhyme, Humorous stories, Fiction

'King Nonn the Wiser'

'Oomph! (A Preston Pig Story)'

'There's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighbourhood'

'Yum!' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, Pigs, Wolves

'Football Crazy'

'Tell Us a Story'

'Summer' -- subject(s): Fiction, Summer, Seasons

'Crazy Bear in Pirate Crazy and Rock 'n' Roll Crazy'

'Dracula's tomb' -- subject(s): Toy and movable books, Count Dracula (Fictitious character), Vampires, Juvenile fiction, Fiction, Specimens, Juvenile literature

'123 and Things (Picturemac)'

'When I grow up' -- subject(s): Fiction, Occupations, Stories in rhyme, Musicals, Schools, Growth

'Suddenly! (Preston Pig)'

'Big Bad Pig (Red Nose Readers)'

'Shh!' -- subject(s): Preston Pig (Fictitious character), Juvenile fiction, Pictorial works

'Wish you were here (and I wasn't)' -- subject(s): Voyages and travels, Juvenile poetry, Poetry, Travel, Children's poetry, English, Vacations, English poetry

'The pirats'

'Suddenly!' -- subject(s): Fiction, Wolves, Humorous stories, Pigs, Juvenile fiction, Swine


'I'm Talking Big'

'Loco Por El Futbol'

'Cushie Butterfield'

'Oops! (A Preston Pig Story)'

'Aie, aie, aie! ='

'Fou de Football'

'At Home (Book of Opposites)'

'Autumn' -- subject(s): Fiction, Autumn, Seasons, Children's stories, English

'Fat pig'

'If dinosaurs were cats and dogs' -- subject(s): Dinosaurs, Fiction, Stories in rhyme

'Yum!' -- subject(s): Fiction, Wolves, Occupations, Juvenile fiction, Pigs, Swine

'Bouh Samson !'

'What Now, Cushie Butterfield? (Cushie Butterfield) (Cushie Butterfield)'

'Jolly Roger and the Pirates of Captain Abdul'

'But !'

'There's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighborhood & Other Wickedly Funny Verse'

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David McArthur has written:

'ROSS, an object-oriented language for constructing simulations' -- subject(s): ROSS (Computer program language), Digital computer simulation

'Running ROSS in an Emacs environment' -- subject(s): Database management, Computer programs

'Developing computer tools to support performing and learning complex cognitive skills' -- subject(s): Computer-assisted instruction, Cognitive learning

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I am not aware of an author named Andrew McArthur.

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J. Vaun McArthur has written:

'Microbial ecology' -- subject(s): Ecology, Evolution, Microbial ecology, Microbiology, Surface chemistry

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COLIN MCCALL has written:


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Colin MacDonald has written:

'Highland memories'

'Highland journey' -- subject(s): Highlands and Islands, Travel and description

'Echoes of the glen'

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Andrew McArthur has written:

'Housing Associations and Neighbourhood Regeneration'

'Over the top with the Tartan Army' -- subject(s): Soccer, Soccer fans

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Colin McElduff has written:


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