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CARTER LINDBERG has written:

'BRIEF HISTORY OF Christianity'

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What has the author Staffan I Lindberg written?

Staffan I. Lindberg has written: 'Democracy and elections in Africa'

What has the author L N Lindberg written?

L. N. Lindberg has written: 'Europe's would-be polity'

What has the author Harald Lindberg written?

Harald Lindberg has written: 'Itinera mediterranea' -- subject(s): Botany, Phytogeography

What has the author Steve Lindberg written?

Steve Lindberg has written: 'Utrikespolitiska nivaer och processer: ett penetreringsperspektiv'

What has the author Judit Horvath-Lindberg written?

Judit Horvath-Lindberg has written: 'Working with refugees and asylum skeekers'

What has the author Olov Lindberg written?

Olov Lindberg has written: 'Brown adipose tissue' -- subject- s -: Brown adipose tissue

What has the author Jeffrey K Lindberg written?

Jeffrey K. Lindberg has written: 'Fright night' -- subject(s): Ghost stories

What has the author Stanley W Lindberg written?

Stanley W. Lindberg has written: 'The Legacy of Erskine Caldwall' 'The legacy of Erskine Caldwell'

What has the author Rainer Lindberg written?

Rainer Lindberg has written: 'Pankkituki ja kilpailu' -- subject(s): Banks and banking, Competition

What has the author Conrad Emil Lindberg written?

Conrad Emil Lindberg has written: 'Christian dogmatics and notes on the history of dogma' 'Apologetics'

What has the author Lucile Lindberg written?

Lucile Lindberg has written: 'Early childhood education' -- subject(s): Education, Preschool, Preschool Education

What has the author Nancy Lindberg Pinzke written?

Nancy Lindberg Pinzke has written: 'Faces of utopia' -- subject(s): History, Jansonists, Pictorial works, Portraits

What has the author Vernon Carter written?

Vernon Carter has written: '\\'

What has the author Herbert E Lindberg written?

Herbert E. Lindberg has written: 'Dynamic pulse buckling' -- subject(s): Buckling (Mechanics), Elasticity, Structural stability

What has the author Folke Adolf Lindberg written?

Folke Adolf Lindberg has written: 'Hantverk och skravasen under medeltid och aldre vasatid (Prisma magnum)'

What has the author K Lindberg written?

K. Lindberg has written: 'Voyage dans le Sud de l'Iran' -- subject(s): Guinea worm, Description and travel

What has the author Guy Carter written?

Guy Carter has written: 'Switzerland'

What has the author A Carter written?

A. Carter has written: 'Too many people?'

What has the author Brian Carter written?

Brian. Carter has written: 'Nightworld'

What has the author Catherine Lindberg-Muir written?

Catherine Lindberg-Muir has written: 'Santiam Pass Ski Lodge' -- subject(s): Historic sites, Historic buildings

What has the author Clarence Carter written?

Clarence Carter has written: 'Clarence Carter, a retrospective view'

What has the author Milton B Lindberg written?

Milton B. Lindberg has written: 'Palestine and the Jew today in the light of prophecy' -- subject(s): Bible, Description and travel, Jews, Prophecies

What has the author Daniel Carter written?

Daniel Carter has written: 'Anatomy for the artist'

What has the author Elliott Carter written?

Elliott Carter has written: 'Concerto for Orchestra'

What has the author Patricia Carter written?

Patricia Carter has written: 'Illuminated calligraphy'

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