What has the author C C Stimson written?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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C. C. Stimson has written:

'The price to be paid'

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Q: What has the author C C Stimson written?
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What has the author Charles C Stimson written?

Charles C. Stimson has written: 'Community as the social application of pacifism'

What has the author James Stimson written?

James Stimson has written: 'Thirteen o'clock'

What has the author Lewis A Stimson written?

Lewis A. Stimson has written: 'A practical treatise on fractures and dislocations'

What has the author Walter Alan Stimson written?

Walter Alan Stimson has written: 'Crafts for school and home'

What has the author William Stimson written?

William Stimson has written: 'Spokane' -- subject(s): History, Pictorial works

What has the author Edith Everett Burgess Stimson written?

Edith Everett Burgess Stimson has written: 'Glimpses, the seen-the unseen'

What has the author John Ward Stimson written?

John Ward Stimson has written: 'Principles and methods in vital-art education'

What has the author Henry A Stimson written?

Henry A. Stimson has written: 'The place of Christian education in the civilization of the West' -- subject(s): Christian education

What has the author Ralph Humphreys Stimson written?

Ralph Humphreys Stimson has written: 'The control of the manufacture of armament' -- subject(s): Manufacture, Ordnance, War

What has the author H F Stimson written?

H. F Stimson has written: 'International practical temperature scale of 1948' -- subject(s): Thermometers and thermometry

What has the author Mary Sturdivant Stimson written?

Mary Sturdivant Stimson has written: 'New studies of old stories' -- subject(s): English Bible stories, O.T.

What has the author Ralph H Stimson written?

Ralph H. Stimson has written: 'Ralph H. Stimson papers' -- subject(s): Opium trade, Military weapons, International agencies, International cooperation, Drug control, Opium Conference, Arms transfers, Weapons industry