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Dorothy Middlebrook Shipman has written:

'The big Christmas book' -- subject(s): Christmas

'Christmas recitations for young and old' -- subject(s): Christmas, Poetry, Christmas poetry

'The way of the U. S. A' -- subject(s): Readers and speakers

'Stardust & holly' -- subject(s): Christmas, Poetry

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Dorothy Middlebrook Shipman is known for her work as an art historian and biographer. She wrote biographies on artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe and Peter Hurd. Shipman's writings often focus on American art and artists.

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L. H. Shipman has written:

'Supplement to 'The stamps and postal history of Sarawak' by W.R. Forrester-Wood'

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Q: What has the author Dorothy Middlebrook Shipman written?
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