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Francesco Messina has written:

'Francesco Messina'

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Q: What has the author Francesco Messina written?
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What has the author Diego Ciccarelli written?

Diego Ciccarelli has written: 'San Francesco all'Immacolata di Messina' -- subject(s): San Francesco all'Immacolata (Church : Messina, Italy), History, Franciscans, Church history

What has the author Francesco Testa written?

Francesco Testa has written: 'Relazione istorica della peste, che attaccossi a Messina' -- subject(s): Plague

When did Francesco Messina die?

Francesco Messina died on 1995-09-13.

When was Francesco Messina born?

Francesco Messina was born on 1900-12-15.

What has the author Francesco Cardullo written?

Francesco Cardullo has written: 'La ricostruzione di Messina, 1909-1940' -- subject(s): History, Buildings, structures, City planning, Public architecture, Conservation and restoration 'La Fiera di Messina' -- subject(s): Architecture, Buildings, Buildings, structures, Fiera di Messina, Trade shows

What has the author Francesco Venezia written?

Francesco Venezia has written: 'Francesco Venezia'

What has the author Antonello da Messina written?

Antonello da Messina. has written: 'L' opera completa di Antonello da Messina' 'Antonello da Messina (1430-1479)'

What has the author Francesco Zedda written?

Francesco Zedda has written: 'Idilli'

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Francesco Serantini has written: 'Racconti'

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Francesco Marani has written: 'L'inesistenza'

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Francesco Lojacono has written: 'Lojacono'

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