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Frank Debenham was a geologist and explorer from England who is best known for his involvement in the British Antarctic Expedition led by Robert Falcon Scott. Debenham wrote extensively about his experiences in Antarctica, including scientific observations and personal accounts of the expeditions.

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Frank Debenham has written:

'Navigation with Alice' -- subject- s -: Navigation, Humor

'The Bangweulu swamps of Central Africa' -- subject- s -: Swamps

'The polar regions'

'In the Arctic'

'The way to Ilala'

'Map making' -- subject- s -: Cartography, Map drawing, Surveying

'Nyasaland' -- subject- s -: Description and travel

'Astrographics' -- subject- s -: Navigation - Aeronautics -

'Exercises in cartography' -- subject- s -: Problems, exercises, Cartography

'Study of an African swamp' -- subject- s -: Cambridge University Expedition to the Bangweulu Swamps, Northern Rhodesia, 1949, Natural history

'The physiography of the Ross Archipelago' -- subject- s -: Physical geography

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Q: What has the author Frank Debenham written?
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