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What has the author H Cleary written?

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H. Cleary has written:


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What has the author James Cleary written?

James Cleary has written: 'Prosecuting the shoplifter' -- subject(s): Shoplifting

What has the author Kate M Cleary written?

Kate M Cleary has written: 'Like a gallant lady'

What has the author A A Cleary written?

A. A. Cleary has written: 'Men homeward' 'Jack Straw's castle. Thom Gunn'

What has the author Thomas S Cleary written?

Thomas S. Cleary has written: 'Shin Fain: or, Ourselves alone'

What has the author Brendan Cleary written?

Brendan Cleary has written: 'Sacrilege' 'Tears in the Burger Store' 'Goin' down slow'

What has the author Frederick E Cleary written?

Frederick E. Cleary has written: 'The flowering city' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Gardens

What has the author Mick Cleary written?

Mick Cleary has written: 'The Carling Years' -- subject(s): Rugby Union football, Rugby football players

What has the author James William Cleary written?

James William Cleary has written: 'Rhetoric and public address' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Public speaking, Rhetoric, Oratory

What is Beverly Cleary?

Beverly cleary is an author

How is the world different because of Beverly cleary?

The world is different because of Beverly Cleary, because, she is a great author and she has written many great books!

What has the author H H Donaldson written?

H. H. Donaldson has written: 'The rat'

What has the author Delores Elaine Connor Cleary written?

Delores Elaine Connor Cleary has written: 'Self and identity on an Indian reservation' -- subject(s): Ethnic identity, Indians of North America

What has the author James Mansfield Cleary written?

James Mansfield Cleary has written: 'Hydraulic fracture theory: pt. III' -- subject(s): Oil wells, Hydraulic fracturing, Mechanical engineering

What has the author Will H Moore written?

Will H. Moore has written: '\\'

What has the author H Wieland written?

H. Wieland has written: '\\'

What has the author H Salvador written?

H. Salvador has written: '\\'

What has the author H Marsman written?

H. Marsman has written: '\\'

Does Beverly cleary have any siblings?

Author Beverly Cleary is an only child. She has written over 30 books for children and teenagers, some of which have won awards.

What has the author H H Claasen written?

H H. Claasen has written: 'The noble gases'

What has the author H H Haig written?

H. H. Haig has written: 'The first genocide'

What has the author H H Anderson written?

H H. Anderson has written: 'Centrifugal pumps'

What has the author H H Arnold written?

H. H. Arnold has written: 'Global mission'

What has the author H H Rousseau written?

H. H. Rousseau has written: 'The isthmian canal'

What has the author H H Kendler written?

H. H. Kendler has written: 'Basic psychology'

What has the author H H Doehler written?

H. H. Doehler has written: 'Die casting'

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