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What has the author H H Anderson written?

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H H. Anderson has written:

'Centrifugal pumps'

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What has the author Virginia H Anderson written?

Virginia H. Anderson has written: 'The press and the people'

What has the author A H Anderson written?

A. H. Anderson has written: 'Brief sketch of British Honduras'

What has the author Thomas H Anderson written?

Thomas H. . Anderson has written: 'How clearly written are children's textbooks?'

What has the author J H Anderson written?

J. H. Anderson has written: 'Grant's campaign in Virginia'

What has the author Isaac H Anderson written?

Isaac H Anderson has written: 'Patriotism at home, or, The young invincibles'

What has the author John H Anderson written?

John H. Anderson has written: 'The treatment of obesity' -- subject(s): Obesity, Treatment

What has the author D H Anderson written?

D. H. Anderson has written: 'Primer of irrigation' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What has the author H Reese Anderson written?

H. Reese Anderson has written: 'Through the years' -- subject(s): Educational counseling, History

What has the author H S Anderson written?

H. S. Anderson has written: 'Science of food & cookery' -- subject- s -: Cookery, Vegetarianism

What has the author Michael H Anderson written?

Michael H. Anderson has written: 'Madison Avenue in Asia' -- subject(s): Advertising agencies, International business enterprises

What has the author Ian Anderson written?

Ian Anderson has written: 'Ian Anderson'

What has the author Anderson written?

Anderson has written: 'Muirland Willie'

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Burnett Anderson has written: 'Stockholm'

What has the author David Daniel Anderson written?

David Daniel Anderson has written: 'Sherwood Anderson'

What has the author James H Anderson written?

James H. Anderson has written: 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Mormons, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, History

What has the author Linnea Anderson written?

Linnea Anderson has written: 'Nutrition and family health service [by] Linnea Anderson and John H. Browe' -- subject(s): Community health nursing, Food, Nutrition, Public health nursing

What has the author Elizabeth Anderson written?

Elizabeth Anderson has written: 'Miss Elizabeth'

What has the author William Anderson written?

William Anderson has written: 'Milford trails'

What has the author Ilana Anderson written?

Ilana Anderson has written: 'Sad strangeness'

What has the author Erica Anderson written?

Erica Anderson has written: 'The Schweitzer album'

What has the author Alison Anderson written?

Alison Anderson has written: 'Darwin's Wink'

What has the author Keith Anderson written?

Keith Anderson has written: 'On your own again'

What has the author Thomas Anderson written?

Thomas Anderson has written: 'Estate of glory'

What has the author V Anderson written?

V. Anderson has written: 'Friends and relations'

What has the author EW ANDERSON written?

E.W ANDERSON has written: 'Man the aviator'

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