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What has the author H H Haig written?

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H. H. Haig has written:

'The first genocide'

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What has the author Haig SheKerjian written?

Haig SheKerjian has written: 'A Book of Christmas Carols by Haig and Regina SheKerjian'

What has the author John Haig written?

John Haig has written: 'Mystery at the Elms, and Condemned'

What has the author James Muir Haig written?

James Muir Haig has written: 'The practical plumbing guide'

What has the author Catherine Haig written?

Catherine Haig has written: 'Untitled' 'Salles De Bains De Caractere'

What has the author Haig P Papazian written?

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What has the author Haig Baronian written?

Haig Baronian has written: 'Barefoot boy from Anatolia' -- subject(s): Armenian Americans, Biography

What has the author Roger Haig Wardman written?

Roger Haig Wardman has written: 'The establishement of tolerance limits for instrumental shade passing'

What has the author Rose Haig Thomas written?

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George Augustus Haig has written: 'How to federate the British Empire' -- subject(s): Imperial federation, Colonies

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What has the author Keith Grieves written?

Keith Grieves has written: 'Haig and the government, 1916-1918'

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H. H. Kendler has written: 'Basic psychology'

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