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Leander Sylvester Keyser has written:

'The conflict of fundamentalism and modernism' -- subject(s): Fundamentalism, Modernism (Christian theology)

'A system of Christian evidence' -- subject(s): Christianity, Evidence, Apologetics

'The philosophy of Christianity' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Religion, Christianity

'In bird land' -- subject(s): Birds

'The doctrines of modernism' -- subject(s): Modernism (Christian theology)

'Election and conversion' -- subject(s): Election (Theology), Conversion, Lutheran Church, Doctrinal and controversial works, Doctrinal and controversial works.

'Our bird comrades' -- subject(s): Birds

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Hans R. Preuss is a German author who has written books on a variety of topics, including philosophy, theology, and culture. Some of his notable works include "God for the 21st Century" and "The Ethics of World Religions."

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Johan Carl Keyser Preus has written:

'God's promises and our prayers' -- subject(s): English, Family, Lutheran Church, Prayer-books and devotions

'The friend of the Prince'

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Hans R. Preuss has written:

'Evolution des Glaubens' -- subject(s): Bible and evolution, Evolution (Biology), Christianity, Social evolution, Creationism

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Q: What has the author Hans R Preuss written?
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